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   Chapter 125 Why Is The Bed Smaller (Part One)

Mystery of Love By Orange Characters: 5655

Updated: 2020-02-08 01:36

Hanson had gone to America to see his mother out of concern. However, to his surprise, she hadn't been hospitalized. Instead, she had been staying in his uncle's home. The so-called heart disease was just an excuse for him to leave Essie.

At that time, he was almost freaked out. For the first time, he roared at her; for the first time, he disobeyed her. He went back to Yang City madly. He wanted to retrieve the lost love, but he couldn't find the one he wanted to see.

"Let's get married, Essie!" He suddenly knelt in front of her and took out a pink heart-shaped diamond from his pocket. He bought the ring after coming back from America. He wanted to propose to her and take her back before she married another man.

She had a violent convulsion, and an extremely desolate look appeared on her face. Her eyes were full of tears, her eyelashes trembling in pain, and her lips trembling in pain. She could not wear his ring, because she had worn another one on her finger.

"Hanson, there's something I haven't told you yet." She bit her lips hard, and the light created a mottled shadow on her face. Her face was as pale as paper and her eyes were filled with melancholy. She opened her mouth and wanted to continue saying, but she felt so powerless and weak. The following words seemed to drain the strength of her whole life.

After a long while, Essie said in a low voice, "on April 1st, I took the courage to confess to you, but I didn't expect that you would get married to Sunny. I was so sad that I went to the bar for a drink. Then I met Zac. We drank a lot. We got drunk and went to the Bureau of civil affairs to register for marriage, "

"What did you say?" The ring

ugh the corner of the corridor with a very weird smile at the corners of her mouth.

It was nearly midnight when she arrived at the villa.

Zac was still awake. He was sitting on the sofa and watching the playback of Beauty on Overpass, so that he could kill the time without her at night.

As soon as she entered the door, she wanted to go upstairs directly, but was stopped by him. "Is it Eva?"

She shrugged her shoulders and didn't answer. She pretended to be tired and yawned, "I'm so tired. I went upstairs to take a shower and then go to bed."

He nodded slightly and let her go upstairs, without saying another word.

She stayed in the bathroom for a long time with mixed feelings.

She wanted to love and live a simple life, but God made fun of her again and again. She was involved in the whirlpool of love and hatred, which made her fall into a dilemma.

"Essie, are you okay?" There came the voice of Zac. He was worried that she fell asleep in the bathtub since she hadn't come out for a long time.

"I'll be out in a minute." She stood up from the bathtub, dried her body and put on her pajamas.

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