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   Chapter 123 I'm Not Interested In A Stud

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Zac parked the car at the intersection and waited for the traffic light.

Zac touched her head and said, "don't mind what happened to Valery's family."

Essie shrugged and said, "I'm just curious. How on earth did she die?"

"I heard that she was murdered by an addict and I was still in America at that time, so I am not clear about it." Zac said with understatement. He started the car.

An addict? Thinking of this, she snorted in her mind. She guessed that somebody might have hired a murderer to kill the woman. The mistress was spoiled, and she had a son. Naturally, she would threaten the status of Elizabeth and her son, so Elizabeth had to take a risk and got rid of her as soon as possible.

Someone was completely capable of doing such a thing.

The car turned at a corner in front. It wasn't the way to the mansion. Essie was a little surprised and asked, "where are we going?"

"My house." The corners of his mouth lifted. "Let's enjoy our lovers' world."

Essie's thick eyelashes fluttered, showing a hint of ridicule. "So you're still having a small nest. Tell me the truth that how many women have you brought home."

"You are the second one." Zac said with a cunning smile.

"Who is the first? Leila? " She raised her eyebrows slightly.

He shrugged his shoulders and agreed.

Essie curled her mouth. She had guessed that the woman must be Leila. After all, Leila had taken the first place, while Essie had taken the second place. No, no, maybe not the second one. Men of rich and powerful families like him had all kinds of women came here together, so perhaps she might not be able to get the second one.

How unfair! He was her first man but she was not his first woman.

When men had some sort of sexual desire, didn't they think about that if they were self-centered before they asked for women?

The villa of Zac was quiet, elegant and spotless.

There was a butler Ann and a servant Zeya.

For a young master like him who never did the housework, it was impossible for him to do the housework himself.

"This is my wife and she will be the hostess here." Zac said to Mrs. Ann and Zeya.

"Good morning, madam." They answered respectfully.

Essie greeted them and then went upstairs together with Zac. She poor lamb couldn't have any sense of security in tiger's territory.

"Where is my room? I need to go to bed now. I need to record the show tomorrow."

Fortunately, the shooting of Beauty on Overpass was made in Dragon City in these two sections, so that she didn't need to fly over and over again. She yawned deliberately, pretending to be very sleepy, in case someone else would come to harass her.

A cunning light flashed in his eyes. How could he not know what she was thinking about? Without saying a word, he picked her up and opened the door of the first room on his left hand.

"You don't have to ask. Of course my room is your room."

He smiled wantonly and put her on the bed. She got up in a hurry and curled up at the head of the bed, "icy guy, is it really appropriate for us to sleep together? Can you stand that we see each other unkempt and dirty every morning when we open our eyes? " He was so handsome and narcissistic that he p

o cover her exposed body and said, "it's almost dawn. Don't you go to sleep?"

"Do you mind Valery?" He suddenly spoke out.

"Of course I do. If I'm going to have a child with another man, do you mind?" She muttered angrily. Hadn't he slept all night, was he still thinking about what had happened last night? She didn't quarrel with him and didn't fight with him. It was he who got angry to bully her. Why did he treat her as a victim?

A moody guy was terrifying!

While she was depressed, he said in a low voice, "so you do care about me a little bit."

She was speechless. What was the logic? Did they have anything to do with it?

"Are you daydreaming?" She rolled her eyes at him.

"If you don't care about me, why do you mind her?" He said slowly.

She couldn't bear that he slept with Valery, because Valery was her sworn enemy. They even had a baby!

Many years ago, Elizabeth took Valery and Vinton to her house, ruined her family and made her parents separate from each other. Now, every turn of the clock had come. The position Valery wanted was occupied by her by accident, which was a chance for her to revenge.

Even if she didn't shit, she would stand in this pit and never let her have her way.

It didn't matter who would replace her in the future, except for Valery.

She couldn't tell him about it. She couldn't make him doubt it.

Therefore, she turned over and turned her back to him, "whatever you think!"

There was a smile on his lips, and in a sudden, his depressed heart became bright and warm.

A dull person would say one thing and mean another. As long as she began to act shamelessly, she would feel guilty.


He lay down and held her into his arms. "Sleep."

She lowered her head, peeped at his hand around her waist, and felt his change. She sighed softly.

Alas! He was so temperamental. Should she prepare a portable weather equipment to protect herself from danger?

It was sunny the next two days.

Her shooting of Beauty on Overpass went on smoothly in Dragon City except Hanson's absence.

As soon as Essie came out of the studio, she was stopped by Florey.

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