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   Chapter 122 He Loved You

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Hatred was obvious in Leila's eyes when she saw Essie.

She had been here for a long time. She had been hiding in a corner, staring at them and at Zac.

She wanted to go, but she didn't have the courage. She couldn't face the fact that he was married and she was also afraid that he would find out that she was the one who had leaked the information to Valery. If he knew, he would drive her out of his world forever. He wouldn't forgive her cheating and betrayal.

Essie knew what she should do and what she shouldn't.

Valery was a capable woman, and Leila was not inferior to her. If they cooperated together, her chances of winning would be very small.

She couldn't allow this to happen. She must win over Leila.

"You must want to know why he married me, right?" She whispered when she saw there was no one else in the dressing room.

"What do you want to say?" Leila frowned.

"This is not a good place to talk. Let's have a talk outside." Essie walked outside, followed by Leila. She was eager to know the reason.

They sat at a dark corner on the curtains.

Essie took another two cups of cocktail and handed one to Leila.

"We get married just for one thing: to drive away Valery!" She said slowly and clearly, "now I'm in the position of his lawful personnel. As long as I don't devoice him, it's impossible for him to marry Valery! You think he treats me well and takes good care of me, because he needs me and only I can play this role. "

A violent palpitation came over Leila. She remembered that Zac had told her that he had already figured out a way to deal with Valery. Was it a way out to marry Essie?

"Why are you the only one who can make it?

"Women all like men like him who are from a rich family? If this woman falls in love with him, he would get more troubles? What's the difference to marry Valery? But I won't love him. I love someone else. I won't love anyone else. " Her tone was firm, and she couldn't make Leila doubt it. Moreover, what she said was true.

"What good is it for you?" Leila raised her eyebrows, not as malicious as before.

"I want him to help me become famous. Can't you see that I am the biggest winner in the show of Beauty on Overpass? As long as I become famous, my family will accept me. " After saying that, Essie took another sip of the cocktail.

"Why did you tell me about it?" Leila stared at her for a moment, afraid that Essie was lying to her. But Essie looked calm, and her face did not go red. She didn't feel anything wrong. She was relieved. After all, from the bottom of her heart, she hoped that all this was true.

"He loves you. He did all these for you. You are supposed to be the one who will marry him. Unfortunately, though you are a woman of noble birth, you will only be turned into a scum by Valery when you marry Zac. " After a pause, she took a sip of wine and continued, "he can't tell you this plan. The fewer people knows, the better. Otherwise, all his efforts will be wasted. But you have no

in a substitute.

"Oh. Isn't it boring?" Holy was extremely disappointed, "brother Jim, you are not so bad that you dare not to really do it, are you?"

Jim fainted!

This attack was the cruelest and most powerful!

And he should be awarded the little devil!

Holding back the urge to laugh, Essie touched Holy's head and said, "you're really a genius!" When he grew up, he must be more mean than Zac.

Zac looked at Jim with sympathy, "my dear, how about acting by yourself in your next film?" This was a mocking suggestion. He knew well about Jim's little secret. He had a hidden disease, and he was really a neat freak. He hated to kiss a strange woman's lips. He would kiss her after making sure that she was healthy and had no habit of kissing.

Jim pinched Holy's beautiful face and said, "fine, little guy. I'll definitely show you the play when I find a suitable female lead someday."

After the party, Essie sat quietly in the car, lost in thought.

"Aren't you going with mom and me?"

"Essie, I can't go. I want to stay with dad."

"Why? Father doesn't want us anymore. He is the father of Valery and Vinton. He is not our father anymore. "

"That's why I can't go. If I go with you, they really took dad away."

"I don't understand. I only know that you said that we would never be apart. Please go with me and mom. The hateful dad, we don't want him."

"Essie, don't cry. When I'm old enough, I'll go find you and mom, okay?"

"No, nothing. You are as annoying as Dad. You both abandoned mom and me. You're not my sister. Just go and be the sister of Valery and Vinton. I don't want to see you anymore! "

"What's wrong?" His low voice interrupted her thoughts. He was used to her lively voice next to him. Now she was too quiet, which made him a little worried.

"Where is Holy's mother?" She was curious about what kind of woman the romantic Baron would date?

"She passed away a few years ago." Zac said casually.

"How did she die?" Essie was shocked.

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