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   Chapter 121 Innocent Involvement

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Following his gaze, Essie saw a tall and stunning woman come in. She was so beautiful like a fairy from the snow mountain.

When Essie left, Alice was already eleven years old. Although a woman changed in age, she didn't change much over the years, so Essie recognized her at the first sight.

Alice was very different from Essie in appearance and temperament. Essie looked more like her mother, while Alice looked more like her father. Alice was called the most beautiful person in Dragon City. She would be the most beautiful one in the world. People would be amazed by her mysterious experience and be crazy by her charming smile.

Her beauty lied in her coldness and prettiness, which were as cold as ice, as charming as painting, as delicate as rose, and as beautiful as rosy clouds. However, the beauty of Essie was pure, like morning dew which was clear and fresh and like a peculiar flower at the first sight which was refined and attracted. In a word, she was natural and naive.

An 8-year-old boy followed Alice. The boy was very beautiful and looked like an elf.

"Who is that kid?" Asked Essie.

"Alice's youngest brother." Jim replied understatedly.

Hearing that, Essie was shocked. She remembered that Elizabeth had given birth to a boy Vinton and a girl Valery at that time. Did Elizabeth had another boy later?

"Does he share the same mother as Valery?" She asked.

"No, he was born by another woman." "Her family is complicated. It's perfect for us to act in a romantic drama." He mocked.

"Isn't your family complicated?" "It's simple for us to live in an ordinary family. You guys fight against each other and cheat on your family members. You are surrounded by a large number of scandals."

With a weird smile on his face, Jim asked, "then why did you marry Zac?"

"Because..." Hearing that, Essie braked her tongue all of a sudden. She almost spilled the beans and told him that they two got married after they were drunk. With her big black eyes rolling for a few seconds, she changed the topic intentionally. "When I knew him, I thought he was a poor nobody."

"What a strange view of your marriage!" Before Jim could finish speaking, he felt an icy displeased aura around him. He quickly pretended to be silly and lowered his head to drink.

Not far away.

Alice's beautiful eyes swept around the hall and then looked at Zac, or to be exact, at Essie. After Elizabeth got back to home, she didn't mention anything about Zac's marriage. However, Alice's younger brother, Holy and Zac's cousin, Goel were classmates and best friends. Goel called Holy at the first time to share the shocking news that Valery was dumped by Zac in a magnificent way.

"Sister Alice, let's go and say hello to them." Holy looked at his sister lovingly.

Alice nodded. Her eyes were as cold as ice, which could only be warm when she looked at her brother.

Seeing them walking over, Essie's heart trembled slightly, just like someone had plucked the strings. She shrank unconsciously into the shadow, as if she was not ready to meet them.

"Jim, Zac. It has been a long time." Alice showed a small smile wh


"Never mind. I'll look at Jim." Essie crossed her arms over her chest and turned her head to Jim with a haughty posture. What a good play! However, there was no romantic scene for them! But she'd better not act well as there was a child around.

Taking a sip of the champagne, Zac opened his mouth slowly and said, "he has been dominating the screen for three months. Our TV is almost insane. Haven't you got aesthetic fatigue yet?"

Essie petrified.

Icy guy, does your kind father know you are so mean?

Jim was struck dumb with innocent involvement!

As he was sitting next to him, Holy added, "Jim is doing business for his family. The fans often came to them to buy new TV and cell phone if they lick the TV and phone screens."

"You're so clever, Holy," she gave a thumbs up.

Zac patted his shoulder sympathetically. Jim was speechless. He decided to put on the bullet proof clothing from now on and be a quiet handsome man.

With a smile at the corners of her mouth, Alice said, "It seems that you have a good relationship with Miss Essie. I hope your relationship is really good. I don't want it to be damaged by those daydreaming people."

Holy quickly nodded and said, "yes, brother Zac and sister Essie, you must defeat the daughter of a bad witch."

Thinking of that, Essie sighed in her heart. Valery had her mother-in-law and her unborn baby back her up. It was not easy for Essie to defeat her.

It seemed that Zac had read her mind. He held her in his arms and said, "don't worry. I'm always by your side." His voice was calm, but her heart was still restless. If the child was really his, then things would be different. Because they would be entangled by him forever, just like how Elizabeth used to be obsessed with Baron. She'll leave it to Leila. She is not easy to deal with. She can spend the rest of her life fighting with Valery.

Essie stood up and went to the dressing room. She needed some time to calm down, but she didn't expect to meet Leila inside.

It turned out that she was here too.

But why didn't Zac say hello to her?

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