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   Chapter 120 Remain Unmarried All Her Life (Part Two)

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Their appearance was like a meteorite falling into the Pacific Ocean, stirring huge waves.

Since Valery was pregnant, everyone thought that she would marry Zac. But now, Zac actually took another woman to attend a party. Besides, the woman standing next to him was always Leila. They didn't expect that he would have a new girlfriend!

All the debutantes were studying them. Zac was always the focus of celebrities. It was the center of the topic where beauties gathered. The new woman who was standing next to him would naturally become the target of the crowd.

Before they could stand firm, the socialite divas rushed over to greet them. They looked at her with the same expression: envy, hate.

With furrowed eyebrows, Essie pretended to be playful and annoyed. "If you take me out again, you must buy an unexpected insurance for me in advance. Otherwise, I will be killed by the eyesight."

With a charming smile at the corners of his mouth, Zac said, "I will keep your safety."

Obviously, you are a high-level elixir, releasing restless seductive factors at any time and anywhere, attracting rotten peach flowers.

When she was mumbling, a gentle and magnetic voice came from the side, "we met again, little beauty!"

She turned around and saw Jim walking towards her.

She was a little shocked, and then she realized that the reason why Jim came to the show was that he was asked by Zac.

There were two beautiful women at each side of Jim. They made their graceful gestures undisguised. It was easy for her to find that Zac kept a low profile. At least, he had never been with someone he had nothing to do with.

"Nice to meet you, Jim." She smiled.

"Do you want to come over to me? My gossip girl. " With a

ere undisguised.

Jim looked at them and smiled, with an indescribable expression on his face.

Taking a sip of her champagne, Essie's long curly eyelashes flickered. "I heard that you have another name as gossiper king. Do you have any gossips about the first daughter of Valery's family, such as her relationship with Valery. Who is she going out with now?"

Shaking his head, Zac laughed and tapped her on the forehead. "Are you affected by him?"

"No, I didn't." "My job is to get in touch with the enemy first and then annihilate her with all the possible allies," she added.

"Smart!" "There are open and covert fights between Alice and Valery. They're incompatible like fire and water, so you'd better fight with her. As for whom she was dating, she has sworn in front of everyone that she will not marry anyone for the rest of her life." He paused and sighed, "she is so pretty. She would rather give herself to her company than to give herself to a man. It's a waste of resources!"

"Why?" Essie was shocked.

"Because..." All of a sudden, Jim closed his mouth. He looked towards the door and said, "speak of the devil and he comes."

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