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   Chapter 119 Remain Unmarried All Her Life (Part One)

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Sage pretended to leave the lake, walked into the woods and found a place to hide.

Valery walked slowly towards Essie alone.

"Sister Essie!" She called her name so intimately, with an insidious false smile on her face.

"Humph!" Essie said in a low voice. She didn't want to talk to Valery, but she managed to squeeze out a smile.

When she was about to walk up to Essie, she suddenly stopped and fell down on the floor. Thinking that she might have a stomachache, she quickly jumped up and held her up. "Are you okay?" she asked.

At this moment, a fat figure ran out of the woods and shouted, "help! Help! Help! Miss Valery was pushed down by Essie!"

"No, I didn't..." Essie wanted to explain, but she saw the malicious smile on her face, and soon she understood everything.

This was a blackmail.

Zac was the first to arrive. Mary and others also came.

Sitting on the ground and weeping in a low voice, Valery cried. Sage held Valery in her arms and scolded, "you're so wicked, Essie! You know Miss Valery is pregnant! You're so jealous that you even want her to have an abortion. Thank God I'm not far away. Otherwise our young master and lady will be killed by you, the vicious demon. "

"Valery, are you okay?" Mary hurried to help Valery sit down. After confirming that there was nothing wrong with her, she turned to look at Essie and said coldly, "did you push her?"

"No, I didn't. she suddenly sat on the ground while walking. I thought she had a stomachache, so I went to help her. I didn't expect that she was framed." Essie explained calmly.

No wonder that people said you shouldn't help people when they fall down, in case you got into trouble!

Nowadays, there were too many people who set a trap fo

eras in the house of honor, she would not have a chance to defend herself.

Mary patted her back and comforted, "I know. This matter is over. No one should look into it anymore." How could a woman not be jealous? It was normal for her to occasionally do something absurd, not to mention that she was pregnant with her grandson!

Essie had anticipated that Mary would help Valery, so she had given them an out and agreed to help them. She was willing to act in the same way as Valery.

"Sister Valery, I knew you were blinded at that moment. I hope we will get on well with each other. I don't want anyone to drive a wedge between us,"

Looking at Essie's relaxed expression, which seemed not to be affected at all, Mary's heart trembled slightly. Suddenly, she felt that Essie was like a deep pool, which was invisible.

At night.

Zac took Essie to a party of celebrities.

He wanted all the celebrities in Dragon city to see his wife.

She wore a long dress with petals designed by herself, without any makeup or powder, but only with a layer of lip gloss, which made her look delicate and pure, like a green lotus blooming in the dark night.

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