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   Chapter 118 Don't Flatter Yourself (Part Two)

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'Is Valery ready to go into the family?' Essie sneered in her mind. It seemed that Valery could do anything without scruple as long as she had her mother-in-law's support!

Should Essie try her best to please the rich mother-in-law? But given the present situation, even if she did whatever she could do to please Mary, Essie would not be able to change Mary's mind.

Elizabeth was her best friend, and Valery was her half daughter. There was also her grandson in her belly. How could an outsider like Essie stand by her side?

It was more practical to flatter her father-in-law, because he didn't seem to like Elizabeth and her daughter much.

Zac didn't say a word. If his mother insisted to push him away, he would go out with Essie.

In the afternoon, after Elizabeth went back, she asked Sage, the servant, to take care of Valery and to help her deal with Essie.

Sage had served in Valery's family for 15 years, so Essie had an great impression on her.

Lucy had always been good to her. Her husband owed usury, so Lucy paid the loan for her. But she helped Elizabeth to set Lucy up.

As soon as Sage entered the house, she cast a stern glance at Essie and said, "Miss Valery, don't worry. I will protect you. I'll fight with anyone who dares to bully you." What a powerful guy! No, a dog knows how to be faithful to its master, but this kind of person is not even as loyal as a dog.

Essie didn't even bother to look at her. She didn't want to contaminate her eyes.

She held Zac's arm and said, "let's take a walk by the lake."

"Okay." Zac nodded with a smile and walked out with her.

Staring at their backs, Valery clenched her teeth and said, "Sage, let's go together."

The lake was as green as its name,

nsult to compare her with Valery!

Looking at her serious expression, Zac shook his head and laughed. It seemed that Daisy and Ivy had been gossiping with her in the afternoon. Now she had sympathy to defend him for someone who had nothing to do with her.

He reached out and pulled her into his arms. "She is your rival in love. If she were still in Valery's family, I would have to marry her. What about you?"

She used all her strength to push him away. She was now in a fit of anger.

"Don't think too much of yourself. You are a peacock now. I don't like you. I don't want to marry you."

Zac was frustrated and sad. How could she rebuke him like that? Was he worse than an outsider in her heart?

He was in urgent need of finding a place to draw circles, so that he could be quiet for a while.

"Excuse me, I need to go to the bathroom." And add some cold water to it.

Essie was sitting alone by the lake and watching the sunset. In the distance, with the help of Sage, Valery slowly walked towards Essie.

Seeing that there was no one around, Valery got an idea and whispered in Sage's ear.

Sage nodded, "good idea, Miss Valery!"

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