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   Chapter 117 Don't Flatter Yourself (Part One)

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In the afternoon, Essie drew a few design sketches and gave them to Ivy to let her select.

All these were designed according to her figure, skin and temperament. Ivy liked every one of them. She couldn't make a decision so she asked Daisy to help her choose.

Daisy looked at the design sketch, and liked the vintage European chiffon skirt and the embroidered long skirt with Eastern lace very much. "Both are very beautiful. You have long legs. Why don't you choose a short skirt?"

"Ha ha, I think this short skirt suits me, too." Smiling, Ivy made the decision.

Hearing this, Essie nodded. She looked at Daisy and said, "that lace embroidered long dress will look very beautiful on you. I can also embroider the dress for you with the same pattern to make your dresses look like sister outfits."

"Really?" "That's great! Daisy, shall we wear our sister outfits on my birthday party." Ivy said happily.

Hearing this, Daisy was a little shocked. She didn't expect that Essie would do this for her. After all, she was not kind to Essie at all. "I... I have a lot of clothes. " She muttered in a very low voice. Although she liked this long dress very much, she didn't want it after what she had done to Essie before.

"But we don't have sister outfits!" Said Ivy. Ivy was so looking forward to wearing sister outfits with Daisy. Knowing what Daisy was thinking about, Essie said no more. She held Daisy's hand with a smile and said, "let's go. You and Ivy go to the studio. I'll measure you."

Seeing that Essie was so friendly that she didn't blame her at all. Daisy didn't pretend anymore and went upstairs with a smile.

Dinner time.

As soon as they walked out of the studio, they ran into Valery.

When Valery saw Essie, a malicious and cold light flashed through her eyes. But she re

at she can't tell the trick.'

Zac raised his eyebrows, 'have you neglected her recently? She is so lonely that she can only play with the two clowns.'

Getting him, Albert chuck coughed, 'nasty boy, your mother has gone crazy to search you for so long.'

Essie secretly glanced at the father and son who were exchanging eye contact, and laughed in her heart. Usually, mothers were more kind than fathers. However, this family was totally different. His father was more kind than his mother, and Albert knew his son better. The relationship between father and son was obviously more harmonious than that between mother and son.

After all these years of getting acquainted with Mary, Elizabeth knew her personality very well. As long as her daughter could get along well with her mother-in-law, her success in entering the family would be halfway.

With a slight smile, she said, "Mary, I think you can let Valery stay with you for a few days. It will not only strengthen her relationship with Zac, but also make friends with Essie."

"Okay, we are a family." Mary consented without hesitation and asked a servant to clean up the room for Valery, so that she could live in the room next to Zac.

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