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   Chapter 115 Call Me Honey (Part One)

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Essie was uncertain whether there was a ghost, but she was sure that there was a hidden secret in the yard.

When they walked to a pavilion, they saw Daisy coming from the bamboo forest path. Ivy waved to her. They sat around the stone table in the pavilion and asked the servants to bring them some afternoon tea.

"When Zac come back, the whole house is bustling with noise." An ironic smile appeared on Daisy's face.

"I really can't stand Valery anymore. Is it so great to be pregnant? Isabella has three sons, but Richard hasn't married her yet. " Said Ivy.

"Indeed. I don't know how she got the baby. The woman Zac loves is exactly Leila." In Daisy's eyes, Zac and Leila were perfect for each other.

"No. Zac is in love with Essie. Leila has already moved on." Ivy made a face and stuck out her tongue at Daisy. Both of them disagreed with each other.

"I don't believe that he will let go of his relationship with Leila. They started to date in middle school. He loves Leila with all his heart. There are many girls who have a crush on him, but he has never had any love affair with any other girls. If it weren't for the conflict between the two families and if it weren't for Valery's intervention, they would have already been married. " Said Daisy obsequiously, without trying to guess how Essie felt.

Clarissa said indifferently. She knew that Melissa loved Sharon, but she didn't intend to fight with her. Her opponent was Alina. As long as she was beaten, she would be successful and leave, letting Lily marry her lover and live together.

Ivy coughed to cover her awkwardness and said, "cousin, please take a look at the situation clearly. Now the only choice for Zac to get married to is to choose between Essie and Valery. As for Leila, she has no such a right. If Zac insisted on being with Leila, he would not only give up his status as the crown prince of the family, but also face the betrayal from all sides. Such a cruel price was not something he could afford. So don't make troubles. You'd better support Essie with me. It's more

t the terrible consequences of those hitmen.

Essie said calmly, flicking her clothes as if she wanted to get rid of the dust from her. "Miss Valery, calm down. You are a pregnant woman now. If you have a miscarriage, you will never be able to step into this world again in your whole life."

"You..." Valery was so furious that she couldn't utter a single word. She just raised her hand to cover her belly.

In the downstairs, when Elizabeth heard the sound, she came up and held her daughter, "Zac, how could you see her bully Valery like this?"

"Aunt Elizabeth, you should know better than anyone what your daughter has done to Essie. I give her a chance to change for the sake of you and the baby. Otherwise, how could she stand here to provoke us?" Zac said rather rudely. Elizabeth didn't say a word intentionally, because she wanted to be calm, but he couldn't turn a deaf ear to anything that had hurt his woman.

Elizabeth's eyes twitched. "Valery just cares too much about you. If you're willing to come back and marry her and stop hooking up with other women, how could she be angry with you?"

Zayn pulled her into his arms, lowered his head and gave her a gentle kiss on the forehead. "Aunt Cassie, this is my wife. It's the right time for me to take care of a woman other than her. Don't you know that?" It was obvious that Valery was the other woman.

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