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   Chapter 114 The Secret Of The Family

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'The mother-in-law of a rich family is really a genius.' Essie thought.

If her grandmother was a bossy and arrogant woman, while Mrs. Mary was a snake in sheep's clothing. The former was easy to block, while the latter was difficult to guard against!

It seemed that she could not be negligent even for one second or she would not know how to die.

This time, Zac didn't oppose. He always did things in a proper way and would save his mother's face in front of others. Zac gave her a slight nod, and then Essie walked up to Mary and sat beside her.

Valery walked to his side and sat down smugly. In this family, only she had the right to be his side. Even if she got the marriage certificate, this little bitch would not be recognized. She would only be a mistress. In this family, the mistresses who had been seen in the house were all very miserable. None of them had a good ending, and she would also suffer!

It was obvious that the family regarded Valery as Zac's wife and regarded Essie as a mistress. There were two reasons why Mrs. Mary didn't allow them to reveal the marriage registration to the public. First, she wanted to protect Valery, and secondly, she wanted to make her be passive and not approved and supported by others. This could be considered as killing two birds with one stone.

Icy guy, do you know your mother is so insidious and cunning?

Her father-in-law was really kind and nice, at least he smiled and spoke to her in a gentle and comfortable tone.

The servant began to serve the dishes. Sage, the servant, brought a cup of chicken soup and put it in front of Valery. "Miss Valery, this is Mrs. Mary's order. She made the chicken soup specially for you. It's good for your health."

Knowing how to please Mary, Valery gave her a sweet smile and said, "thank you, Auntie Mary."

"We'll be a family soon. You are pregnant with aunt Tiana's grandson. I think you should call her Mommy." Elizabeth said.

"Okay, call me Mommy." Mary nodded immediately. They echoed each other without a flaw.

The smile on Valery's face got narrowed into two thin lines. She then sweetly called, "Mommy," and then she gave an evil and arrogant glance at Essie.

You cockroach! How dare you fight against me? Do you know who you are!


The three women made a scene, and Essie wanted to curse them!

She always claimed himself to be his wife and wanted her to be the other woman! No way!

Don't push her too hard, or else she will punch Valery with the marriage certificate.

Zac took a sip of wine unhurriedly and turned to Valery, "that's good. My mommy always treats you as her daughter, and I also regard you as my sister. You can call me brother then!" His voice was slow, sounding like ridicule, but more like irony.

With a snort, Ivy patted on the shoulder of Essie, who was standing next to her, and added, "call my idol sister-in-law by the way!" As a fan of Essie, she was determined to support her idol and cousin being together.

"Kid, stop it." Allen glanced at her.

Meanwhile, Valery was so angry that she wanted to stamp her feet. Elizabeth got a little worried. It


"Why do we come here? Leave here quickly! " Holding her by the arm, they rushed to the other path.

"What is this place?" When Essie saw that Ivy was nervous, she asked in confusion.

"I tell you, you can go anywhere in the house except there, so you have to stay away from here." Touching the goose bumps on her arms, she said.

"Is there any ghost inside?" She asked with a joking tone. She was reading the book about how to steal a tomb recently, and then saw the amulet sticking on the door, so she asked casually.

"You are right." "When I was a child, I heard from servants that someone died in a red dress. Then she died and became a ferocious ghost, haunting around. After that, the family asked the Taoist priest to give us the seal. No one was allowed to get close to the place except uncle Li. " As she was speaking, a cold wind came from afar, whistling through the bamboo grove above her head, as if it was from a ferocious ghost. She shivered and rushed away with Essie, fearing that the red clad ghost would catch them and take them back.

She didn't stop until she saw the servant standing in front of her. She patted her chest and gasped, "I'm so scared! I'm so scared!"

"Why are there ghosts in this world? They are all made up." Essie clapped her back. She was an atheist and believed in science.

"Yes, there are. It's so close that in the middle of the night, you could even hear someone crying. It's so scary. I have heard it for myself." Holding her arms, she gave a shudder. "The house has a history of more than a hundred years, and it has experienced wars. There must be something dirty about it."

Essie nodded and agreed with her. The older the places are, the more stories they had experienced and the more rumors were told.

"You just said that no one is allowed to get close to us. Why can uncle Li? Is he not afraid of ghosts? "

"Uncle Li used to be a Taoist. He knows the magic to soothe the ferocious ghost and help him slowly dispel the resentment in his previous life." The more she spoke, the more mysterious the place was.

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