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   Chapter 113 It's Hard To Be With The Mother-in-law

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Thanks to his "mediocrity", she didn't have any pressure. She could get along with him, joke with him and fight with him. It was also because of his "mediocrity", that she felt they were in the same world, free trust and trust.

Her life had gone through ups and downs, from a girl in a well-known, rich family to a small, unknown house, but she preferred the latter life, real and warm.

It was said that jade was the apple of the eyes in a wealthy family, but people in the wealthy families all had two faces, one was ugly, while the other was hypocritical and gorgeous.

What's the difference between him and those people?

"I'll only do what I should do. I'll act what I should. Nothing more." Her voice was cold and distant, with a trace of bitterness. She fixed her eyes outside the window and did not look at him.

Zac didn't like such an expression on her face, and he didn't want her to treat him as a passer-by He grabbed her shoulders, turned her over, and forced her to face him. "In fact, I'm not who I really am in front of you, except my identity. I don't need to hide anything from you, and I don't need to play anything either. I just want to be myself, and release myself. Now we don't need to make any changes. After getting out of the Rong family, I'm still the homeless who have nothing and has been raised by you, and you are still my queen. "

"Is that okay?" She sneered.

"From now on, you're in charge of the financial department of our family. I'll just leave some pocket money for drinking, and then I'll be like a pauper." He gently touched the tip of her nose with his eyes full of love.

She sighed lightly. Although she was still a little uncomfortable and resentful, she decided to neglect it.

If she quarreled with him, and gave him the silent treatment, the happy one would be Valery.

She needed to show off love, sweetness, happiness and made Valery angry.

Someone knocked on the door.

It was Mary.

"I have something to tell you." She looked extremely serious.

Zac frowned slightly. "Sit down, Mommy."

After Mary sat down on the sofa, he took another seat opposite her, with his arm around Essie.

"What do you want to say?" He asked in a low voice.

"We have been friends with Valery's family for generations, and almost everyone in the upper class circles knows that Valery is pregnant. If you suddenly announce to marry another woman, how will she behave herself when she goes out?" Mary paused. "So, the marriage registration cannot be announced to the public."

There was a sneer in the eyes of Zac. When Valery found that she was pregnant, she began to spread it in the city, even wanting the passers-by to share her "good news". She deserved it even if she was so disgraced.

"Before the baby is born, I can keep it a secret temporarily, but you have to promise me two conditions." He was expressionless, as if the person sitting opposite to him was not his own mother, but a business partner.

This was totally a surprise for Essie.

"What condition?" Asked Mary.

"First of all, Essie and I have registered. She is my legitimate wife. Everybody in our family and in Valery's family have to respect her. Se

ow dare you call aunt?" she snapped, glaring at Essie.

Marci smiled and said, "she's a friend of Zac. Why can't she call me aunt?"

When Ivy saw Essie, her eyes lit up and she screamed excitedly, "you are the beautiful designer in the show of Beauty on Overpass, I am your fan. I like your designs very much. Each one of them is super beautiful. My birthday is coming. Can you design an evening dress for me? "

"Okay. It's my honor." Essie said with a smile.

Daisy pouted and said, "Zac, you are going to have one wife and one concubine, but what about Leila? She came back from America before finishing her study because of you. " Daisy was a young photographer who had just returned from France after studying. He had a good relationship with Leila. That was why he spoke for her.

"Daisy, don't talk nonsense." Marci glanced at her and said.

"We're incompatible with the Leila's family. How can Zac be with her? No matter how good they were before, it was in the past. "

'I'm afraid it is not a past!'

Essie muttered in her heart, 'childhood playmate. The relationship between the two of them is stronger and deeper than the sea. How could they easily be apart from other?' Now they were caught in a dilemma. When things were ready, she had to step aside.

However, it didn't matter. She was clear in her mind and always prepared. As long as he gave the order, she would leave and disappear in his world forever.

Allen and his wife were determined to watch a play. It was none of their business. They would not support that his nephew brought a woman home from outside. They just wanted to be an onlooker and wait and see. But they knew it would be a good show.

The main dining room was astonishingly big. And the table was pretty big. Albert was sitting at the start of the table, with Mary sitting on his left side and Zac on the right. Essie was about to sit next to Zac, when she heard Mary's gentle voice coming from the opposite. "Essie, sit next to me. Let's have a chat." The smile on her face was so gentle and kind, but she knew very well that Mary actually wanted her to make room for Valery.

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