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   Chapter 112 I'm Your first wife (Part Two)

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Valery couldn't compete Essie, so she had to help Valeryl.

At that moment, Valery rushed to the front of Zac. She didn't want to believe when she saw the clear photo and name on the marriage certificate. She covered her ears, screamed hysterically and fainted.

With sharp eyes and quick hands, Zac stood up and held her in time. "Call the doctor." He ordered the servants to carry her into the guest room.

He only cared about the baby, not the adult.

Elizabeth and Mary also followed him to take care of the patient.

Essie stayed in the living room alone. It was unnecessary for her to go in anyway.

But Albert didn't move. He just took a sip of tea and examined his daughter-in-law.

The girl hadn't said a word from beginning to end. She was quiet like a breeze, which seemed to be trying to decrease her sense of existence, but in fact, she was always the focus of attention. What surprised him more was that she was so calm from the beginning to the end. The words and provocation of Elizabeth and her daughter did not make her expression change at all. How could his son be blind? The woman he liked must be very special.

Besides, the girl was in his eyes very well. She looked like someone, as fresh and pure as she was before, like the first strand of faint blue protruding from the horizon in the morning.

Essie was unease at first, but when she looked at the tender look on Albert's face, she started to calm down.

In this family, the one who was difficult to get along with should not be this powerful leader, but h

ake her unable to give birth to a baby." It was not her first time to do such thing. It was her "masterpiece" that made Lucy unable to give birth again.

Considering her poor health, Mary asked them to stay in the house for a day and asked the servants to prepare Chicken Soup for her.

Zac took Essie to his room and asked her to have a rest.

Since he came back from the United States, he had been living in the villa outside, he would be back only during festivals.

When the door was closed, Essie's face darkened.

She hadn't forgiven his cheating yet. The intimacy they had just now was only acting.

She walked to the window and looked at the sparkling Lake in the distance. She was restless.

The plot changed so fast. She didn't even have time to digest before she went to the battlefield with her gun. Now it was time to calm down.

Zac came to her side, frowning helplessly. "If I told you my identity and the things between me and Valery in the first place, would you still be able to face me with ease?"

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