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   Chapter 111 I'm Your first wife (Part One)

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That name.

No one was more familiar with it than she was.

No one knew her better than she did.

No one understand her better than she did.

Because she had the name for the whole seven years.

Essie was the third daughter.

After Lucy divorced Baron, she changed her name and called herself Lucy. She hoped that she could forget the past and start a new life. After she married Bob, in order to ease her conflict with her parents-in-law, she also asked Essie to change her name. She would cut off all relations with theher original family and became a member of the her new family wholeheartedly.

But, had she been engaged to icehouse?

Isn't this the biggest joke in this world?

How come she never knew about it?

He was eleven years old, but she was only six years old. This was the time when Elizabeth, who took her son and daughter came to the family. Essie and her elder sister Alice were busy fighting with Valery and her little brother, so she knew nothing about this. It was a political marriage arranged by the adults. The children would know it at a young age when they just reached puberty.

Hearing him mention her Vicky experience in her childhood, Valery got a bit furious.

Essie were more beautiful, smarter and shining than her. She was better than her in every aspect and took all her glory, so that she would live in her shadow forever. Ever since she knew that she was selected by Zac's grandfather as her future granddaughter-in-law, she had been looking for all kinds of opportunities to kill her, but unfortunately, she was too lucky to escape every time. But it was fortunate that her mother had finally become the formal wife and kicked Essie and her mother out of this family. Essie could no longer threaten her anymore.

"She has not been a part of

ecome a big joke in the entertainment circle.

Albert was also quite shocked, but his expression remained the same. He was worthy of being known as a powerful king in the two circles of business and having seen all kinds of waves. He could tell that Zac didn't want to marry Valery at all. As stubborn as he was, he would not change his mind no matter how hard he tried. Ever since Valery was pregnant and Elizabeth came to force them to get married, he had been indifferent and let his son solve the problem by himself. However, his strategy was a little beyond his expectation. He used to play hide and seek before, but now he took his wife home directly. This was not the style of his usual style.

Shocked and stunned, Mary just felt a headache. Since they had gotten the marriage certificate, it was not that easy to get her out of the house. She had known Valery since Valery was a child and treated her as her own daughter. Now she was pregnant, so she couldn't just stand by. His son had always been cold to women, except for Leila. The woman who broke in halfway must be a tough guy. He was so obsessed with her that he gave his love, purple heart, and even got the marriage certificate.

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