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   Chapter 110 The War Has Just Begun

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"She went back yesterday." There was a trace of coldness in his tone. He frowned slightly, as if he didn't want to talk about her.

She wondered if he had explained the marriage thing to her.

Would he tell her the truth that they were just acting to set her mind at rest?

Forget it. It's none of her business. Essie comforted herself in mind.

She stretched out her finger to look at the shining ring on it. "Is it a crystal or diamond?"

Leila must have recognized it at a glance. She was a jewelry designer and professional person. No wonder she was so abnormal.

'I really don't know what's on this guy's mind. He gave me a diamond ring and asked me to show it in front of my girlfriend. Does he want to play a play?'

And the diamond was so valuable that he could let her wear it. Wasn't he afraid that she would lose it?

Fortunately, she took it off that day when she was cooking in the kitchen on that day for fear that the oil and smoke would damage the ring. Otherwise, when Valery saw that Essie was even more excited than Leila, she would naturally cut her hand off.

"It's just a stone. As long as you like it, it's okay." Zac smiled, as she had said to Finney the other day.

She curled her lips.

She said that on purpose that day in order to save his face.

The value between stones were so differently.

She would never be able to afford this stone even if she had worked all her life.

He spoke so lightly because of his rich!

"Well... Should I prepare some gifts for your family? " She spoke in a low voice, mostly because of the cash in her life. It wasn't even enough to buy a gift for her rich parents-in-law.

Zac stroked her head in a spoiling manner. "Don't worry. I'm ready."

She breathed a sigh of relief. That's good. She knew her parents' likes best.

The next noon, she arrived at Dragon City.

Sitting in the car, Essie looked out of the window at the busy street.

Fifteen years had passed since she left this city.

As the most powerful international financial center in the eastern region, it not only had an ancient cultural background, but also had a rapid development with rapid development.

The house of Zac' family was near the mountain and by the river and was a hundred year old house.

In the memory of Essie, her original family had a large house, but the villa of Zac's family was even larger. it was just like a grand Wonderland.

After entering the gate, they saw the antique mansion after another long distance.

The Butler, uncle Li, was waiting at the door.

"Mr. Zac is back. Lady Elizabeth and Lady Valery heard that you would come back and both of them had been waiting for you in the hall." Uncle Li took a closer look at Essie and then gave a meaningful look. His words seemed to remind his young master to be cautious.

Zac nodded with a smile and took the hand of Essie. "Uncle Li, this is the new lady."

My lady?

Uncle Li was shocked. He looked around the house.

Mr. Zac was married?

Oh my God! Things are going to be out of control now!

"Hello, uncle Li." Essie greeted him politely.

"Hello, my lady." Uncle Li replied with a smile.

The main house of Zac's family was a one hundred year old house, still in

d up Essie's hands and gave them a gentle kiss on the lips.

The sunshine fell on her hands through the spacious glass window, and the huge purple pigeon egg shone brightly in the sunshine, making everyone present laugh.

"The ring?" Mary exclaimed. The corner of her mouth twitched slightly. The gems were given to her grandson by Zac's grandmother in her 60th birthday. She even didn't have the chance to wear it. But now her son had given it to someone else?

With the same composed and gentle expression on his face, Albert darkened his eyes.

As if being stabbed by a needle, Valery suddenly jumped up. If she had a knife, she would rush over and cut off the tramp's finger.

Why should she wear the ring?

How could she wear the ring?

The rare treasure belonged to the future hostess of the family, and it was her.

A crack appeared on Elizabeth's face which was still calm, and a muscle on her face was twitching violently. Was it not for his revenge on his daughter's impulse last time, but to tell her the truth?

She took a sip of tea and said slowly, "Zac, your grandfather personally made an engagement for you and Valery when you were eleven years old. Over the years, we've been very strict with her, and we haven't allowed her to have a boyfriend. We've kept this promise. Now, although you haven't held the wedding ceremony with her, you are already a real couple. You are going to have a baby soon. Shouldn't you restrain your playful behavior? "

Zac said nothing. He sat on the sofa with Essie. Then he picked up the porcelain cup on the table and slowly took a sip of the tea. "Aunt Elizabeth, if I'm not mistaken, grandpa has a crush on your third daughter, and she is engaged to me. But later she left with her mother, so you and Mommy made the decision to take the place of her. So, if I do as grandpa has promised, I have to find the third daughter of your family and marry her. "

Before he finished his words, Essie, who was standing next to him, choked heavily. She only felt that she was burnt to ashes by the thunder from above her head.

what? It was her?

The third daughter?

Did she hear it wrong?

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