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   Chapter 109 Is The Baby Yours (Part Two)

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"What's wrong with you?".

Essie thought for a while and thought, 'someday, icy guy would quarrel with Leila and he was drunk. Then, Essie climbed into his bed and Zac treated her as Leila. After that, she got pregnant.".

Such bloody scenes were frequently seen on TV, not to mention that Valery's mother, Elizabeth, used to be skilled. She must have inherited them deeply.

"Did Valery's family force you to marry her?" She knew what was going to happen. Some of them were just like 502, a strong glue, who had sticky skin.

"I won't marry her, but I want the baby. I'll be responsible for it and bring it up." He said that with determination. The child was very important to him and he was responsible for it.

Essie felt uncomfortable.

'If it's not yours, why do you do that? Why do you celebrate it by setting off firecrackers?'

He just admitted that the child was her own.

The thought that he had sex with the woman she hated most and had a child with her drove her crazy. She wanted to kill him!

Frozen guy, big bug, big liar. You will never be able to wash yourself clean since then!

"I am sure that the Valery's family will never agree with it. They must force you to marry Valery. You don't want to follow them. So you have to hide yourself in Y City, haven't you?" She mocked.

Zac didn't say anything.

All his efforts was to make sure that the baby was born safely.

Essie took his silence as acquiescence, and an unpredictable smile crept up on her face. "Let me guess. You need my help. I am your wife, protected by the law. As long as I don't give up my position, she can only keep dreaming. "

A glimmer flashed through

s and danger.

She couldn't see clearly and had to fumble for her way.

Arms folded over his chest, Zac leaned against the door and looked at her quietly, with an implicit and deep look in his eyes.

"You don't need to bring too many things. If you need anything, I'll ask people to buy them."

"How long will we stay?" She asked in a low voice, feeling that it was unnecessary for him to come back. Dragon City was his place. Would he come back if he went to Dragon City?

"If you are not comfortable there, we will come back in two weeks." He said in a humored tone, taking into account the knot in her heart.

Essie cast a mischievous glance at him.

How would he react if he knew that she was the half-blooded sister of Valery?

Shocked? Madness? Spit blood? Furious?

She couldn't imagine.

All in all, she should take it as a return for his lies.

She zipped up the suitcase and went downstairs. She took out a box of ice cream from the refrigerator and went back to her room to watch TV while eating.

Zac sat beside her.

"Will Leila go back with us?" She suddenly spoke out.

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