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   Chapter 108 Is The Baby Yours (Part One)

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They were so scared that they both peed.

"Let him go. He did stop them." She continued, casting a glance at the tall, thin man.

The tall man looked at Essie with gratitude.

"Fuck off." Zac growled. The tall and thin man rushed out and disappeared in a flash.

Turning his eyes to Valery, Zac said, "look at my eyes! If you dare to make my woman lose a hair, I promise that when Baron comes to pick up your dead body, he can only use DNA test to find you."

Frightened and angry, Valery stamped on the floor with her hands on her belly.

Essie looked at her coldly. Her black eyes looked deep and gloomy.

After lying in the hospital for two days and making sure that her body was no problem, Zac took her back to the cottage by the Bay, so as not to make trouble to Finney.

During the period, Zac always stayed by her side, staying close to her, but she didn't say a word to him.

Early in the morning, he asked the maid to cook bird's nest congee and took it to her room himself.

He tried to help her sit up, but she shook off his hand. "I don't dare to bother you, Mr. Zac!" Two days later, she finally opened her mouth, but her voice was alienated and cold.

There were four great families in the Dragon City. That would be Zac's family, Jim's family, Valery's family and Leila's family.

Zac's family was the richest family in the East, and naturally the most powerful one among the four families.

She didn't expect that a poor hobo would be a rich young master. What's more, she didn't expect that his fiancee would be her half-sister, Valery.

Before seven years old, she was a person of noble birth and had been a member of the upper class since childhood. Her original family had a good relationship with Zac's family. They might have met each other

c choked slightly and coughed, covering his mouth.

She was such an imaginative woman with a big brain, but...

"You can ask other questions. I can answer you all except about the baby." He immediately changed the topic.

She was well aware that he wouldn't tell her anything that he didn't want her to know, just like he concealed his identity.

He didn't trust her, never.

She felt so sad.

She finished the last bite of porridge, and quietly washed it off.

After a long pause, she asked, "do you like Valery?"

"Can't you see?" He asked in reply. It was obvious that he hated her.

She shrugged her shoulders. It was obvious that he didn't accept it. She was very satisfied with it, but...

"Since you don't like her, why did you keep her company?"

'Is it true that men are the kind of creatures who only think with their lower half of their body, not with their brains?' Essie thought.

Zac coughed several times to ease the air. He really wanted to let this dull woman know that he only had her before, and all his things were given to her at that night. But she couldn't tell him now, which would be equivalent to indirectly revealing the children's secrets.

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