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   Chapter 106 A Big Secret (Part Two)

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The next day was another exciting day.

Essie made it to the front page of the entertainment cover. People speculated that she was one of Jim's new favorites.

Lying leisurely on the balcony of the villa by the Bay, Zac put the finished newspaper on the marble round table.

With a glass of champagne in his hand, Jim leaned against the handrail and said, "I thought you were playing games of cat and mouse around the world, but I didn't expect you to hide here."

"The most dangerous place is the safest place." A smile spread over Zac's mouth. He never played by the rules.

"It's not your style to deal with things this time." Jim squinted his eyes and looked at him. He knew what kind of person Zac was. They grew up together in split pants, so he believed that he knew him best.

Zac said nothing.

The sun was smashed by the whirling wave and turned into golden spots. He stared at the sea in silence, and the golden waves in his deep black eyes surged.

Jim smoothed his chestnut hair which was blown away by the sea wind and said, "I want to make a bet with someone else. I bet that the little thing in Valery's stomach is not yours." His tone was deliberately casual, as if he was just saying a joke.

Zac picked up the glass of wine on the table and took a sip. "Aren't you afraid of losing?"

A wicked smile crept on Jim's face, and he slowly walked behind him. Putting his slender fingers on his shoulder, he opened his chest and said, "you'll feel uncomfortable when a woman touches you like that. How can you continue to do other things?"

Zac said nothing.

Of course, Jim knew him.

There was an unusual silence in the air.

Jim sat on the chair opposite to him. His handsome face was beami

e a fire balloon. He had never let go of any gossip, especially of this. "Okay, I'll clarify the scandal with your wife to the public." He knew that from the way he looked at the newspaper. When the program was being recorded, he had planned to dance with Essie for one more time. But before he finished the proposal, he was frightened by Zac's murderous gaze. He immediately changed it to "sing a song." It was a safe choice!

Zac's smile deepened. "You will know when we meet next time."

At this moment, Essie was cooking in the apartment.

The entrance guard suddenly rang. Judging from the screen, it was a courier. He told her to get the parcel downstairs.

She thought that the button she bought had been sent here. So she told Finney, who was lying on the sofa and putting on a mask, and then left the room.

Outside the apartment stood a man in a courier uniform. The night was dark, and he wore a low hat. His face could not be seen clearly.

He handed over the package.

When she was signing, a handkerchief suddenly stretched out from behind and covered her mouth and nose.

Before she struggled, she lost her consciousness.

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