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   Chapter 105 A Big Secret (Part One)

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"Shut up! My Zac is not your brother-in-law. He will never like your sister, that low-level bug." Leila was almost going crazy. Alcohol made her mad and jealous. She was not the noble and elegant lady anymore. She was just a crazy woman who was going mad for her love.

At this time, Finney heard some clues. The Zac she mentioned was her brother-in-law. And Leila was the mistress who came to make trouble.

"You have a crush on my brother-in-law and want to be a mistress to break them up, right? I tell you, there's no way you can separate them. My brother-in-law treated my sister very well. You can't separate them. "

"Mistress?" Leila sneered and said, "I was brought up with Zac and he is my first love and I was his first love too. How could Essie steal my first love? Why?"

"So what? So what? He has married my sister. My sister is his legal wife. If you get involved, you will be his mistress. " Finney hummed and glared at Leila with a contemptuous look. She had seen wild mistress, but she was the first one who was fierce and bold!

"Get married? You said they were married? " Leila's eyes almost popped out of her head. She had a hallucination as she thought she was drunk.

Finney stepped forward and raised her voice at 8 degrees. She shouted with a loud and powerful voice, "they're married. They're married now. Do you understand?"

"No! It's impossible! You are lying! You are lying!" Leila was overwhelmed by hysteria. She covered her ears, shook her head and screamed hysterically and rushed out crazily.

"You mad woman!" Finney cursed and slammed the door.

On the other hand, Essie and Zac came back late. The moment they entered the house, Finney told them that Leila had come.

Essie put her hand on her forehead and felt a little dizzy.

'No way! If L

d never melted.

It was late at night.

Leila was still drinking in front of the bar when everyone was asleep.

Get married? How about the marriage between Zac and Essie?

She didn't believe, absolutely not.

They were roommates two days ago. But how could they become a couple today?

But she only wore the ring. If they were not married, how could Zac give it to her?

The secret was so well covered that she wouldn't have known it if not for Finney.

Leila poured a glass of whisky and gulped it down. Her eyes were filled with nothing but tears and deep hatred.

She couldn't let them go on like this. She couldn't let Essie take her place.

He must find a way to drive her away.

Mandy's fighting capacity was too weak that she was soon intimidated by Essie. This time, she couldn't take advantage of her, so she had to find a stronger fighter.

Her malicious and bloodthirsty eyes twinkled and a ghost like smile appeared at the corner of her mouth.

There was one person that would definitely let Essie die a horrible death.

She picked up her phone and sent an anonymous e-mail to her. It was for Valery: Valery, do you want to know where Zac is? I can tell you.

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