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   Chapter 103 What's Your Brother -in-law's Surname (Part One)

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Outside the stadium, it was very noisy. It was crowded in the stadium.

Several armed police cars came to maintain order.

"There are so many people. Do you have a concert today?" She couldn't help asking.

"I thought you already knew." She wore a mysterious smile on her face.

"I am out of date, Nicole. So tell me," Essie smirked and scratched his head.

Nicole adjusted her make-up and put on some lip gloss and said, "today's special guest is Jim, the super star." When she was informed of the news, she couldn't even believe it was true that the members of the crew of the program were arranged by a powerful person, who was from a remote place. Otherwise, they couldn't have invited Jim to the program.

"Do you mean the legendary Prince of the entertainment circle, who is even more arrogant than the God?" Essie was a big shot in the entertainment circle which had never been seen before. According to the exaggerated comments on the Internet, he had countless followers and there were so many fans of him in the world!

Any movie that he had participated in broke the box office record, and every TV program he had participated in was broadcasted, he would have thousands of people watching TV. Once his new album was released, everyone in the city would start to sing, killing all the original famous songs in an instant.

Even when he had a meal outside, he would make it to the front page. Thinking of the song star who had taken great pains to make a headline. What the huge difference between ordinary people and star.

"How much will the crew spend to hire him?" Essie secretly stuck out her tongue again. According to the Entertainment Weekly, Jim had a weird personality. He won't be able to

f a tiger does not get angry, it will be regarded as the sick cat!'

With her fist clenched, Eva stepped forward, lifted her foot and kicked in the air forcefully. But unexpectedly, an iron hand reached out in the air and pinched her ankle. Then she was lifted slightly, turned over 360 degrees and fell heavily on the ground.

"Eva." In a scream, Essie ran to hold her up and asked, "are you okay?"

Eva was so angry that she ignored her pain and rushed to Jim to fight with him. However, she was stopped by Essie. "A man doesn't fight when he loses his temper. There are a lot of his fans outside. If we piss him off, we'll probably be attacked by a group of people when we go out later."

Make sense.

Eva put away his fist and groaned, "I forgive you for this moment. Don't bother Essie again."

Everyone was shocked and stunned. This woman must have a death wish. How dared she provoke Jim? Didn't she know how many lifetimes it was a blessing for her friend to be valued by Jim? At the back of the room, Nicole sighed regretfully, thinking that her junior sister was so impulsive that she offended Jim. Maybe she had to be banned!

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