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   Chapter 102 You Are A Liar (Part Two)

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Finney was terribly frightened. She picked up her phone, getting ready to call the police. Essie ran into the kitchen and took out a kitchen knife. She was afraid that if the brother-in-law couldn't deal with it, that man would be scared away by the knife.

Zac gasped and grabbed the knife from her hand, fearing that she would hurt herself by accident. "I'm here. What are you worried about?"

Indeed, they were all very tall. They were no match for him. When he reached the door, he was as scared as a doorman. Once he saw them, he might be scared to death.

"Be smart later. If brother-in-law can't cope with it, you should go out to rescue." She patted him on the shoulder.

"I think he will be fine." On hearing this, Zac was lost in thought. His eyes were sharp and deep, as if he could see through all the hidden secrets in the dark. He never cared about others' affairs. However, Finney was his wife's cousin, and they were relatives. He had to be kind-hearted to remind her, "sister Finney, have you seen your husband's property certificate?"

"No, he said it was in his mother's hand." Finney shook her head.

"Have you been to his company?" Asked Zac.

"No. He forbade me to see him for fear of the bad influence." Finney looked at him in confusion and asked, "what do you want to say?"

It seemed that these two women figured out something. Although her little head was confused about some things, she understood some things faster than anyone else.

"Sister, let's go out and have a look." She opened the door a crack and looked outside, only to find that Antony and the middle-aged man had gone.

When she came to the elevator, she found them sitting in the garden in the air.

Then she made a gesture of "Shh" to Finney, and they were hiding behind a pillar.

"This house is nice. We still want to live here, but the rent is too high. Can you lower it?"

"I still want to raise in the business circle, and you're also lowering it. How can it be possible?"

Hearing his words, Essie was shocked again, and thought, 'it's just as the icehouse predicted. Isn't this house bought by Antony? Was her brother-in-law a liar?

Finney trembled with anger, which was a bolt from the blue. She cursed, "Antony, you bastard!" She rushed madly and slapped Antony across the face.


so bad! A man consoled himself in his heart. He didn't lie about marriage or sleep, and he didn't lie about love. It should be considered a line too light. The type of kneeling on the floor was happiness.

There was a moment of silence in the air.

Essie then sat up and stared at him with a very serious look in her eyes. She asked, "do you really have something to lie to me?"

He gently touched her forehead and said, "you are so silly. Even if I lie to you, I will suffer losses."

Humph! I'm not that stupid.

With her nose wrinkled, she lay back on the bed. She didn't worry about his swindler of money and sex at all. She was just worried about...

"I heard that the stock has plummeted. Look at everything, there's nothing left. Have you lost all your money?" She was afraid that Zac would lose all his money and refuse to tell her.

"Don't worry. I've already withdrawn." A smile tugged at the corners of Zac's mouth. He was the one who controlled the turmoil and bustle in the stock market, only making use of others' shares.

Looking at his calmness, she felt relieved. It should be okay with her victorious service. Hee hee.

It was the calmest to record the third stage of the show of Beauty on Overpass. Sunny was warned and dared not act rashly.

This session was not held in the studio, but in a stadium which could contain 10000 people instead.

What is this?

Essie wondered.

Something serious happened?

She and Nicole got in the same car and went into the stadium. Suddenly, she was shocked.

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