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   Chapter 101 You Are A Liar (Part One)

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"What?" Finney asked.

"Nothing." Leila swallowed the rest of the sentence, leaving behind a gloomy expression on his face.

To ease the intense atmosphere, Essie said, "Antony, my sister's hand is hurt. We have to apply some medicine to it."

Antony snorted from his nose and drew Finney to apply medicine.

"Don't move. Let me do it. Be careful of your cut." Zac stopped her.

He picked up the debris and swept the debris away.

Then, Essie carefully put the other cups into the cupboard, and took out the ordinary ones to set the coffee mugs. She said, "my brother-in-law must like this set of mugs so much as he got so angry."

"No matter how much he like it, it's not important as his wife." Zac replied in a low voice. When she reached for the coffee pot, Zac grasped the handle first. "Wait outside. I'll do it." The little fool was always dazed when doing things. He didn't want her to get hurt.

"Oh, I see." Uttering these words, she walked out of the kitchen. She had been used to staying at home and not touching anything dangerous, such as knives, sharp weapons, water, etc. He even offered to help him cut the vegetables. He looked like a man who had never done the housework in the kitchen and was clumsy in chopping. Finally, he cut his own hands.

She walked slowly, thinking. Somehow, she felt warm in her heart.

In the living room, Finney was in a huff. It had only been half a month after the registration, but Antony's attitude towards her had changed greatly, limiting her expenses.

But now he was getting mad at her for a cheap wine glass. What a joke! He was not like a CEO at all?

Zac served the coffee to Essie.

Seeing that Finney and Antony were still angry, Essie tried to find a topic to ease the intense atmosphere, "Finney, this coffee is good. If you're going to be on a business trip to Japan next time, can you buy one for me?"

"Okay." Finney nodded.

"Are you going to spend your honeymoon in Rome? So romantic! "

"Yes, not only Rome. I want to travel all over Europe," Finally, Finney's face warmed. She wanted to go to Europe for a long time. The lavender field in Provence, the tower of Paris, the London Bridge... She wanted to have a look.

"I don

hrough hard work, so he might save his money a little. Please forgive him," said Essie, giving a pat on Finney's hand.

"That's too much," Finney humphed.

Just then, the doorbell rang.

Finney stood up and opened the door.

Outside was an unacquainted middle-aged man.

"May I ask who you are looking for?" Finney asked.

"I am the landlord of this house. Is Mr. Antony there?"

"Landlord?" Finney was astounded, "did you make a mistake? This is our own house. "

At the balcony, Antony, like a wild wind, suddenly rushed over and closed the door. "That must be a mental disease. The stock market has fallen sharply recently, and many people are insane. You must be careful in the future, and don't open the door at will."

"What?" Finney trembled. She did hear a lot of colleagues talking about the stock plummet. And some people committed suicide after they were trapped.

But the man outside the door didn't give up. He rang the doorbell again and again, and yelled, "Mr. Antony, you've only rented this house for three months. If you don't want to renew it, then move it out as soon as possible."

With a nervous expression on his face, Antony kept sweating and said, "I'll go out to comfort him, but you must not come out."

Zac stood up. "I'll go with you."

Antony immediately waved his hand and said: "no, I'm afraid that he will be irritated." After saying that, he opened the door and walked out in a hurry, fearing that Zac would follow her.

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