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   Chapter 100 Numerous Gossips (Part Two)

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She smiled and held his handsome face, "although you seldom smile, you have a similar smile."

"Really?" He raised his thick eyebrows, "tell me."

"When you tease someone, you will smile; when you trick on someone, you will smile; when you make a fool of someone, you will appear to be evil with a slight smile; when you are unhappy, you will sneer coldly with your mouth closed; and..." She stopped, and her eyes flickered. When he looked at her like this, he smiled. His smile was real and very gentle.

She liked to see his smile because she had never seen him smiling to others in this way, excepting Leila. It seemed that this smile was really exclusive to her. In fact, there was another reason why she didn't regret giving up Istituto Marangoni, because she wouldn't meet her there if she didn't give up.

"You're so into me, aren't you?" Zac said in a low and joking voice. Her face blushed, but it was covered by the dim light.

"Don't flatter yourself," She turned over and buried her face into the pillow. He smiled mischievously and touched her neck with his newly born stubble chin. "In fact, I'm willing to give myself to you."

"I don't like you." She said mercilessly.

"Why?" His eyes darkened as he tightened his arms around her waist.

"You are such a womanizer," She pouted.

"Are you sure it's me?" He laughed bitterly. He felt so wronged about it. He wanted to go out and see whether the snow in June was crying for him.

"Yes, I'm sure." She stressed each word. He was having a happy time with Leila on the one hand, and on the other hand, he was playing with her. It was clear that he wanted to be with both of them and she wouldn't be fooled. Thinking of this, Essie was full of resentment. She closed her eyes and pretended to be asleep, just ignoring him.

In the silent room, Zac let out a sigh, which was bitter, helpless and heavy.

The second day.

Essie bought a pair of golden dolls which means happy together forever in the gold shop, and went to the Finney's house with Zac to congratulate her on getting the marriage certificate with Antony.

Finney was very happy to see the pair of golden dolls. Her cousin was so well-known that she spent a lot of money on gifts.

As soon as she sat down, she saw the wedding ring on Essie's finger. "God, it's so beautiful. Is it the wedding ring given by my brother

sappeared from the world. They haven't found him until now."

"Really?" Essie sneered again. A daughter was like her mother. They were alike! It seemed that she wasn't raped. Instead, she used dirty tricks to get in his bed. As a result, he got angry and refused to marry her!

"Well, sometimes, rich people really don't know what to do."

"Yes, just like the entertainment industry, the Golden Jade company has a lot of scandals." Finney curled her lips. After the coffee was done, she took out the Pauline cup from the cupboard.

The best coffee of course should be filled with the best cup. Finney was a very pretty woman who understood life and enjoyment.

"Sister, it's very hot. Be careful." Before Essie could finish her sentence, Finney uttered a "ah" sound. The coffee was scalded and she couldn't help retracting her hand and knocked over a cup on the counter.

The cup fell onto the tile and broke into pieces.

Zac and Antony rushed in as soon as they heard the noise.

"Are you all right? Did you get hurt?" Seeing the pieces on the floor, Zac asked immediately.

Antony first paid attention to the cup on the ground and asked, "what happened? Why are you so careless! This is an Italian porcelain cup, which is so expensive. I've told you not to use it, but you insisted on using it. Now it's broken! " He looked really angry.

Though Finney felt pitiful, she didn't want to see him make a fuss over it. She said, "it's just a cup. How about we buy one more on our honeymoon in Rome next time?"

"But It's not..." Antony immediately stopped.

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