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   Chapter 99 Numerous Gossips (Part One)

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The video was edited by cutting off Essie standing up to call the police and remaining the bald guy handing the envelope.

With the help of the rumor and the incitement of the paid posters, the public opinion took a big twist.

The victim became the target of all the public.

Essie was deceived, hyped and green tea bitch... All kinds of abuse almost drowned her. As a partner, Nicole was also hurt.

The crew of the program was also shocked. They called Essie immediately and asked her and Nicole to go to the TV station. They wanted to find out the truth and discussed countermeasures.

Sitting in the car, Essie was aggrieved, furious and irritable. She had been worried before, and it turned out to be a conspiracy. She said, "that bald man is not crazy at all. He must be hired to play tricks on me. If I find him, I must cut him into pieces and throw him to feed the dogs!"

Zac was extremely calm. He stroked her head and said, "don't worry. Good fortune follows upon disaster and disaster lurks within good fortune."

Outside the TV station, there were many reporters and fake fans.

They were all hired by Sunny. Holding a photo of Essie, which was painted with a big X, in the hand, they shouted: "Essie, Essie, get out of the show, and get out of the fashion circle!".

A stinky egg flew towards her as soon as Essie got out of the car. Zac quickly protected her and put in a good word for her. Several tall and strong men in black went to the crowd and threw the man who was carrying bad eggs flying three meters away. The man was unable to move. The others were too scared to move and even their voices were blocked in the throat.

Essie mistakenly thought that the men in black were the security guards of the TV station. In fact, they were the people of Zac. He had expected that someone would try to make trouble.

The men in black led the way, and then Essie came to the TV station.

Eva was very worried when she saw the video. When she had a call with Essie, she was told that Essie was going to the television station. She wanted to help.

Later, Nicole and Hanson also arr


"Can't I just sleep here?" He drew a slight smile at the corners of his mouth.

"Whatever. I'm going to sleep." She lay down, turned over with her back to him, and turned on the green light for the sake of him preventing her with a stinky egg today.

There was a sparkle in Zac' eyes. He put down the IPad immediately, lay down and hugged her from behind.

"Don't push your luck." She wriggled her body, pretending to be mad at him. She didn't try to free herself from his grip. 'Anyway, he knows he has never crossed the boundary and treated me seriously. I don't care about other small tricks. He has already taken advantage of me, so I don't need to be pretentious.'.

At the smell of jasmine around her neck, Zac couldn't help but put his chin on her shoulder. The new stubble rubbed against her skin gently, making her numb and itchy. She giggled and twisted her body. Unable to dodge, she had to turn around and push him. "Well, stop it. I'm sleepy."

He laughed in a low voice, looking at her eyes shining in the night light, like stars reflecting on the clear lake. His features were perfect. It was just that normally he was too cold. When he laughed, his profile became soft, making him look full of sunshine and extraordinarily charming.

"Zac, you should smile more. You look pretty when you smile."

"I will only smile to you anthomaniac." He touched her nose indulgently.

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