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   Chapter 97 Kick Me When I'm Down

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Enemies are bound to meet in a narrow alley. Sunny is difficult to deal with, and now Leila is challenging her!' Essie thought!

If she gave her an objective score, the sow could get on the tree.

As expected, the points that Leila gave were very low, and she also said a lot of shortcomings relentlessly: no idea, it's not subject to the theme, and I can't see the essence and soul of the jewelry.

Shit! Essie cursed in her mind, 'ingratiating oneself on the enemy in the name of public vengeance? You are such a petty person. Don't forget that your boyfriend can also watch this show. Aren't you afraid that he will see through your real face?'

The two judges who had been bought off by Sunny's family also took the chance to add insult to injury. As told by Sunny, one gave her five score and the other gave her six score.

Even the host was shocked.

As a result, though Essie and Nicole got the full points given by Hanson and other three judges, they still were the last place.

In the spectator stands, a man directly stood up and shouted, "it's unfair. There's a dark curtain!"

Upon hearing this, Nicole's fans were even more indignant. They liked Essie because of Nicole. So they also became fans of Essie. When they saw that their idol was treated unfairly, they stood up and shouted at Leila and the two judges to get out of the show of Beauty on Overpass.

The audience started to stir. It was in chaos.

The men's team, which was supposed to perform the last show, had to come out and sing a song to calm the audience down.

Siting in the middle of the room, Zac was always calm. Everything was just as he had expected. 'Let the contemptible scoundrels ruin something for the program and help Essie as the hype. As long as he could make good use of it, their suppression would not only increase the support for Essie, but also raise her popularity.

Essie and Nicole and the other group were in the PK.

Nicole didn't worry that she would be knocked out because she could tell that Hanson cared a lot about his junior. If she failed in the PK, he would give the resurrection right to save her. She was not reconciled at all. They should be the champion, but they should have come to the PK unexpectedly.

After that, Essie changed the dress to a hollow shape and cut off the front end of the dress to make it the shape of short wave.

When Nicole put on her new dress and walked out of the fitting room, all the guests burst into applause.

The host gave the microphone to Nicole, whose eyes were brimming with hot tears. "I don't think it's easy for my designer. For the first dress, the dress we made was damaged by an unknown creature, so we don't have time to make the second one, and we have to change it accordingly. For the second dress, our well-tailored cloth was splashed with coffee. Her hand was scalded too. She could only endure the pain and redo it. I have never admired anyone before, but I admire her very much. She is really talented, capable of turning things from rotten to magical. Even if we can't get to the end because of some kind of relationship, I don't regret it, because I have made a friend with her. "

In the audience, her fans

t any time. Between his mother and her, he would always choose his mother, just like her father back then.

"She will. She is just worried that my position will be shaken. As long as I can prove to her, without Sunny, I can still be the president of Bella. And she will not have any objections." Hanson walked forward and wanted to hold her hand, but she shrank back like being stabbed by a needle. "What if she still can't accept it?"

"I will marry you at that time. Even if she objects, it is useless." It seemed that he was making a vow, but she didn't feel any comfort from the bottom of her heart. At that time, her father married her mother in spite of her mother's objection, thinking that she could accept it. But she stubbornly wanted to beat up the couple, create all kinds of contradictions to separate them.

From what she saw, it seemed that Florey was more than her grandmother.

"Senior, I was very happy and satisfied in the days with you. There is no need for too much, let's call it an end, for both of us to have a beautiful memory."

"No, I don't want to end it like this." He rushed to her and held her tightly again. No matter how hard she struggled, he just couldn't hold her. It was like holding a handful of sand, which would slipped away from his fingers no matter how hard he tried.

"Give me one more chance. Essie, I promise no matter what happens, I will not break up with you and I will not hurt you anymore." His voice was trembling, with pleading and understanding.

In her heart, there was only ashes left after her heart had been burnt out. "Senior, I've loved you for five years. I'm really tired. I want to have a rest."

"Go to sleep. Let me love you." He buried his head in her hair and greedily enjoyed her fragrance. She turned her head away, trying to avoid his breath. "Do you really love me?"

"Yes. I fell in love with you the first time I saw you at school." He murmured.

She was shocked violently with astonishment and amazement on her face. At the same time, she asked with unbelievable and attractive sight, "then why have you never told me in the past five years?"

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