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   Chapter 95 You Pissed Me Off

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At eight o'clock in the morning, the designers and stars arrived at the studio on time.

The moment they entered the room, they were all dumbfounded.

Then, Essie and Nicole rushed towards the human model.

There were several holes at the hem of her dress.

"Who did it?" Beck, Nicole's assistant, shouted.

The photographer immediately called all the staff in the crew of the program over.

"Was it bitten by a mouse?" One of them muttered.

"It's more than one foot away from the ground. How a mouse do it? Jump to bite it? What's more, he didn't bite others, but bit us. I think it must be someone who saw we did it so well and felt guilty, so he deliberately intended to destroy it, right? " Beck said unkindly.

The director pointed angrily at several cameras on the wall, "when did you turn them off?"

"When everyone has left and the room is closed." The photographer answered.

"It's ready twenty-four hours a day." The director's eyes were filled with anger and he was shouting to the air. The show hadn't started yet, but people got into chaos.

"Should we delay the shooting?" The assistant standing behind him asked.

"Since all the guests are here and the audiences are here on time, we can't delay them." The supervisor said.

"So I have to wear this dress. Then I will tell everyone that there was a mouse eating my dress?" Nicole snorted and cast a sharp glance at Zoe. She thought to herself, 'this bitch must have messed it up. She wants to humiliate me and kick me out.'. Zoe then stared back at her, with a gloating look on her face. Sunny standing next to her was laughing sinisterly and complacently.

You little bitch, you're dead!

She was not in the mood to suspect who was the bad guy. The only thing she could think of was how to save it. She said, "the program will be recorded as usual and I can modify it." While saying that, she picked up the scissor and walked towards her dress.

The director asked the photographer to record the whole scene. In this way, the audience might be increased.

Then she cut off the damaged part and altered the dress into irregular shapes.

"The dress used to be nimble, elegant and graceful, but now it is the front and nifty." Joel gave Essie thumbs up. Other designers also gave their praises to her. They doubted that she had given a design competition ahead of time. Now they completely believed in her extraordinary design talent and ability.

Nicole smiled, which made everyone in the crew relieved. The director and the supervisor had a favorable impression on Essie. They thought that a beautiful and capable woman like Essie was the guarantee of their recognition!

After sewing the well-tailored dress, she went to the cosmetics and accessories sponsored by a famous brand to select shoes, make-up, and haircut for Nicole.

According to her suggestion, the make-up artist dressed Nicole up as a beautiful and cool summer goddess. She looked at herself in the mirror and was quite satisfied with her dress.

It was the first time that Essie had ever been in a studio. When she waited in the lounge at the backstage, her heart thumped nervously.

idn't let her go until she was almost out of breath.

Satisfied with her reaction, he lifted her up softly and went upstairs.

Now she could go to bed, but he had to accompany her.

She turned her back to him and sulked on the bed.

She was like a helpless lamb in front of this wolf.

He had a girlfriend, but he was going to make fun of her. She now realized that he wanted to be a family of concubines.

As for men, the more women, the better. They would never mind having more.

Don't expect that she will be as crazy for Zac as Leila.'

She would never like him, never!

Beauty on Overpass met the audience on Saturday.

The barrage was outrageous. The audience was very hot.

In one night, Essie had become a hot topic on Weibo and got more fans.

The title of "fairy sister" and "design goddess" overwhelmed her.

But her online shop with messy orders made her a little worried.

It was no wonder that a few seconds of advertising on the TV could charge up to ten million dollars. The effect was really amazing.

But because she was going to take part in the second competition on Monday, she had no time to order.

Seeing her sighing with her chin on her hand, Zac walked up to her and touched her head. "Now you're responsible for the design drawing. I'll find someone to sew it for you."

Essie's eyes lit up. This was a good idea. Although the cost would be increased, it would be a better way compared with cancelling the payment and losing customers.

On the other side of Yang City, Sunny was almost pissed off.

The show was held to flatter her and to her surprise, Essie was so popular. She was so lucky. She had bribed the security guard of the TV station and asked him to sneak into the design room and damage the dress. She didn't expect that she would be able to turn the tide!

What's more, Hanson had given her a higher score than hers, so he must still remember her.

She grabbed a glass of red wine on the tea table and took a big gulp. Her lips were blood thirsty, and she picked up her phone and dialed a number. "Do something for me?"

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