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   Chapter 94 Be Friends Only (Part Two)

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Zac always refused to deal with private matters. What's more, he hated it when others made trouble out of nothing. She didn't want him to be annoyed. She always knew what she should do in front of him.

But how could she do what she wanted without any scruple.

He should have hated this kind of woman most, but why didn't he show any disgust on his face and even indulged her?

"Zac, haven't you come up with a way to deal with Valery?" She asked as if thinking of something. He had Essie here and Valery in Dragon City. One was as cruel as a fox and the other was as vicious as a tiger. Leila couldn't feel at ease wherever he was.

"Tell her to finish the travel around the world first." Zac said with a sneer.

"I'll go back to Dragon City with you. Tell them that we're going to get married. Anyway, we used to be..." Her unspoken words were interrupted by Zac, "don't worry. I have found a solution, but it's not the time yet. Just wait."

She was shocked and thought, 'is there a way?' What method? She was confused, but she didn't ask as she could tell from his well thought out expression that he would not say anything.

Now, the most important thing was to get rid of Essie, another rival in love.

She participated in the shooting of Beauty on Overpass, and was invited to be the second stage guest. At that time, she would teach her a unforgettable lesson.

In the hotel.

When she was about to go to bed, her phone rang. She looked at the caller ID and it was Hanson.

They were over. There was nothing between them any more. Why did he call her?

When E

hough she was closing the door, she still eavesdropped on their conversation.

Essie didn't know what to do, as she thought that Nicole was much more competitive than her.

"We were just schoolmates," She tried to explain. Nicole smiled and said as she applied the facial mask, "I don't care what happened between you two. I only know that you should seize the opportunity to get a promotion."

"I just want to win with my own strength." Said Essie seriously.

Nicole shot a sidelong glance at her with a sneer. 'Is she really stupid? Or is she just pretending to be stupid? In this business circle, only strength can be relied on. Don't even think about it!' she thought!

It was late at night.

Only a few staff on the night shift were left on the screen.

The design studio was in dark, and the unfinished clothing and tailored tramples were scattered on the large desk in disorder.

With a crack in the door, a strange figure sneaked in.

Its malicious and insidious eyes sparkled in the darkness, with a ghost like smile on its mouth

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