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   Chapter 93 Be Friends Only (Part One)

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It was the most famous cocktail bar in Yang City.

The first theme was that each team selected a glass of cocktail and, following their characteristics, made a dress for the party.

Sunny had already told the crew about this and asked Zoe to be the first one to select the topic she had prepared before. Zoe picked sunset flowers as she said.

Essie asked Nicole to select a cocktail with green flavor, which included three colors, white, blue and green. The cocktail had a rich flavor.

The crew of the program was supposed to give them 200 dollars, which meant that they would use the cheapest cloth and accessories to maximize the effect.

Then, Essie selected a skirt with ocean breeze. It was fresh and elegant, showing Nicole's white skin and also highlighted the favor of this season cocktail.

She drew up the sketch in a short time and Nicole thought it good without objection. Then Essie started to cut. They only had 15 hours to prepare, and tomorrow 12 o'clock they would be on stage for display.

She almost didn't need Nicole's help, but she could only stay beside her to pretend to read the design drawing with camera shooting. Besides, her worries before had been decreased a lot. After all, her agent was one of the best agents. It was absolutely correct to let her select her.

At ten o'clock in the evening, when all the designers were still busy with their work, the dress of the party had already been finished in an elegant style, and it was then the accessories and local adjustment that were left.

Several senior designers were shocked and stopped immediately. They came over to "admire". After all, they were rivals. As the saying goes, "know the enemy and know yourself, and you will be invincible.".

Joe graduated from University of design in London. The red ca

hone belonged to her only.

Indeed, it's for Essie. The 24-hour traffic light is unimpeded.

She searched her contact list again. When she found that there was only the name of "Essie" in the list, her jealousy for her grew deeper.

Zac was still in the bathroom. When she arrived, he was taking a shower.

Hearing the sound of him coming out, she quickly put his phone on the tea table.

"Did my phone ring?" Just now, he heard someone was calling him.

"Of course not." Leila shook her head immediately.

Disappointment could be seen on his face. This silly woman always did not have the habit of calling him.

He took a can of juice from the refrigerator and gave it to Leila, "it's late. What's up?"

With a pout, Leila said, "Can't I come here for you with nothing wrong?"

Zac said nothing but smiled.

Leila's heart was pounding fast like waves. A wave of disappointment swept over her and she took a sip of her juice to calm it down. In fact, she had a lot of doubts in her heart. She wanted to ask him that why he gave the ring to Essie? She wanted to ask him where was he good to her and why was he so special to her? But she held back the words on the tip of her tongue.

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