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   Chapter 92 Screen Goddess (Part Two)

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"I'm leaving. Don't forget to check my phone." Now, Zac, Eva and Mandy were in her team.

"Don't worry." The corners of his mouth lifted. All of a sudden, he leaned towards her and gave her a hot kiss on her forehead. She didn't refuse, taking it as a comfort and encouragement.

Not far away, a Lamborghini was driving over, and the people in it happened to see this scene. The corner of his mouth twitched fiercely, and there was a sharp pain like lightning piercing through his heart.

After the fashion week, he was depressed like a green devil that hadn't been covered by rain for a long time. He looked dejected every day.

Florey went to the USA with the excuse of taking operation for fear that her lies would be found out by Hanson.

He thought that after Florey recovered, he could go to visit and explain to her and ask for her forgiveness. But now, his plan seemed to be going to break.

He must have had feelings for her for a long time. It was all his fault. He gave him the chance to get in.

As soon as they got out of the car, Essie saw him and greeted, "Hello, senior." She forced a smile and said hello to him coldly. Then she walked into the room alone with an indifferent look on her face. It seemed that she had stabbed a knife deep into the heart of Hanson. He wanted to follow her, but his feet were heavy.

She must hate him, and he must hate himself as well. He was so helpless and incompetent that day. Was he still qualified to ask for her forgiveness?

He looked at her back in silence and felt depressed.

When she went back to the designer's lounge, the staff thought that she was a star and took her to the

was a peony in the design team, which would be helpful for increasing audience rating!

Of course, it was still a mystery about who was behind this. But it doesn't matter, as long as it can be tough enough.

Noticing her hesitation, she took out her cell phone and showed her latest design. "Now that you chose me, please trust me. I will amazed all the people present," she said.

Taking a puff, Nicole calmed down and said, "I have only one requirement for you. That is, you must win Zoe!" Nicole and Zoe had always been fighting openly and secretly, and now they were even competing for the position of golden sister. They were incompatible as fire and water.

Essie nodded. She would win Sunny.

In the next room, Zoe was very confident. She aimed to win the championship. According to the rumor she got, Sunny was the winner of the competition as she had support from her family, Bella and Hanson.

A complacent smile has already displayed on Sunny's face inevitably. She already knew what would be the first match. As for Essie, she promised this would be her first and last night.

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