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   Chapter 91 Screen Goddess (Part One)

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On the way back, Essie's excitement disappeared as if she was dragged by a cold water.

Mandy said it was good news and bad news. But in her eyes, it was bad news and even worse news.

She was doomed!

Why would Hanson be one of the assessment of this reality show and have the right to resurrect?

Why would her rival, Sunny, also participate in the competition?

Sunny's family was wealthy, and did Sunny need to compete? Otherwise it would be decided directly. She came to the competition just for a walk!

As for Hanson, he obviously came to give a support to Sunny. At that time, he would certainly gave her the high score.

Leaning against the back of the chair, she sighed and looked frustrated.

The car stopped at the intersection and waited for the traffic light. Zac turned to her and asked, "what's wrong? Is the contract not going well? "

"Yes, Zac. I will be knocked out at the first round!" She had an urge to burst into tears in his arms, but he was driving.

"Why?" He raised his thick eyebrows.

Therefore, she told him the terrible news.

Zac nodded in a relaxed tone with a smile at the corners of his mouth.

He had known about it long before.

The participants of Hanson and Sunny were decided from the very beginning, since Bella was the sponsor officially.

He didn't care about it in particular.

It would be a heavy blow for Essie to hear that Hanson had been partial to her fiancee. She would give up all hope and it was good for him.

It would be good for Essie if he favored her fairly. As for whether they would get back together, he didn't want to think about it temporarily. He was never a petty person, and the future of the little fool was more important

on must be done by the designer personally. The team members were not allowed to enter the studio. Their only assistant was cooperative stars. It was also the Emperor who proposed this suggestion. The more famous the designer was, the more unfamiliar his hands were. Apart from the design drawings, he would let his team sew his needlework. On the other hand, Essie was a woman herself. She sewed her dress and needlework all by herself.

Essie was so nervous that her palms were sweating.

"Without your noise, I must be very bored these two days." Zac sighed deliberately and teased her to ease her tension.

She wrinkled her nose.

That was a lie. He could be with Leila again.

Essie thought Leila would go back to Dragon City this week, but she didn't expect her to "stay" here.

Ever since that mischievous trick, her evil face was completely exposed. In her heart, she was not worthy of an innocent and kind ice house.

If they really get married in the future, Zac must be exploited and would live a miserable life. Maybe she should sacrifice herself to occupy the place for his wife before Zac knew the true face of Leila.

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