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   Chapter 90 Don't Touch Here (Part Two)

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"Damn Leila!" She said through gritted teeth.

Noticing the change of her facial expression, she knew that Mandy believed her words. So she took the opportunity and said, "that day, Leila asked me out for a cup of coffee. When she saw the ring on my finger, I told her it was given by Zac. She was so angry that her face turned livid. I was glad that she set me up. But I didn't expect that she would be so cunning. She set me up and tried to ruin our alliance. She was so smart that she got what she wanted. " She sighed heavily. "Our ten-year friendship was easily broken down by her. We are too fragile to stand the test. I won't meddle in your relationship with icy guy from now on, in case I get involved in it again. "

Hearing what she said, Mandy had no doubt at all. Thinking of the fact that she almost killed Essie yesterday, Mandy felt as regretful as the river.

She was too stupid to believe her biggest rival?

"Essie, I was wrong. Please forgive me. I won't be tricked again." She hugged them in a flattering manner.

"You attached more importance on your love than our friendship." "To be honest, the reason why ice house is so nice to me is that he wants to win me over. I washed his clothes, cleaned his room and made the meal. I am his 24 / 7 free nanny. "

"Did you really do such things to belittle yourself?" Mandy raised her eyebrows.

"He will free me from the rent." Essie snickered.

Hearing this, Mandy smiled too. Leila was the biggest enemy for her. She must join hands with her friends to root Leila out.

In the apartment.

The moment Essie entered the house, she heard that Zac was talking on the phone.

It was precisely the woman who drove a wedge between her and Mandy. She was going to ask Zac out for dinner.

'Humph! Since this is your turn to start the battle, do

the main responsibility of infrastructure and construction, and now its industries have been extended to IT, Internet and tourism industry. Was he trying to bring Emperor into the media business now?

Anyway, he made a profit from his investment, which made the businessmen take him as an investment tool. All he needed to do was to obey his order.

A week later, Essie got the news that she was chosen.

What a big news.

She was so excited that she ran downstairs crazily and wrapped her arms around the neck of Zac, "Zac, I'm selected to the mission. I can attend the show!"

"I know you would do it. The champagne is ready." A charming smile was plastered on his face. With her talent in design and keen insight in fashion, it was not difficult for her to win the championship. But entertaining was a show, not the Olympic Games. It was not the competition of strength, but the background, backstage and money.

He did not want to let her use these hidden rules to hinder and pollute her, and let her develop and show her strength freely.

In the afternoon, Essie signed a contract with the TV station, and she went to visit Mandy by the way.

Mandy had both good news and bad news to tell her.

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