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   Chapter 89 Don't Touch Here (Part One)

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Updated: 2020-02-01 00:32

The storm grew more and more fierce, without any sign of stopping.

The coconut trees on the beach were uprooted. It seemed that the end of the world was approaching. The terrible weather affected the air inside the cave.

Zac snorted. A tinge of pain flashed across his eyes.

Essie was shocked by his reaction.

Although she was unconscious and didn't have much strength, but that was the most fragile part of a man, especially in the state of valiant beauty.

Taking a deep breath and letting go of her, Zac sat up and said, "honey, if it is damaged, you won't be happy in the future."

She made a face at him, "if it was out of control, your brain could start to work. You wouldn't have a second thought anymore."

He put on a bitter smile as if he was greatly wronged and said, "it has only accepted you as its member and is only friendly to you. Does it have any other intentions?"

Hum, it sounded like he was a virgin. It was clear that he was a single man who had come and go in the thick forests and was a honey digger. She didn't know how things went when he was with Leila?

Thinking of this, she felt bitter again. She went back and tidied up the hay. Then she lay down and closed her eyes. "I'm sleepy. I want to sleep for a while."

He lowered his head and sighed slightly, which made him look so pitiful.

The next morning, the storm passed and the sea became quiet again.

The leader and Mandy came along with several patrolmen.

Last night, after the leader went ashore, she started to count the number of people on her team. When she found that there was no Essie, she called the police in a hurry.

Because the storm was too strong to sail, they could only wait until the next morning.

However, Mandy just pretended to be sad in order to cover up her crime.

Seeing that Zac was also on the island, she almost broke down. Her beautiful face was ev

lationship with Leila? But they were fine. They stuck together all day long. Later, Zac even moved to her place and stayed with her for a week before coming back. I was just thinking about how to make them misunderstand me. It happens that my birthday is coming and when icy guy asked me what gift I want, I seized the chance to ask for a crystal ring. Then when Leila saw the ring he gave me, she must be angry and break up with him. "

She spoke in detail and even herself almost believed it.

He who has a mind to beat his dog will easily find his stick?

Although it was not good to lie, she could not find a reasonable and strong explanation, which dispelled Mandy's doubts.

Sometimes, lies that meant kindness were also lies. But at least, they could clear up the misunderstanding and avoid unnecessary trouble. Anyway, she had no qualms of guilt. She and ice house were innocent.

The only one to be happy when Essie got a break with Mandy was Leila.

Mandy wasn't stupid and she wouldn't believe it easily. But when Essie spoke, she was good at deciphering other people's thoughts. She deliberately told her that Leila and Zac lived together and emphasized her tone. As soon as Mandy heard what she said, she lost her senses and her judgment.

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