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   Chapter 88 A Night In The Cave

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In the camp area, the leader received a phone call from her boyfriend, who was working in the Weather Bureau. The No. 5 wind ball suddenly turned and condensed into a super typhoon, coming towards them. She asked them to withdraw to the coast, which scared the girls. They packed their luggage and jumped on the ship in a hurry, even forgetting to count the number of people.

Only Mandy knew that there was one person hadn't come back.

She didn't expect that God would help her teach this insidious green tea bitch a lesson. Well, let her stay here and feel the violent storm.

She sneered and followed everyone away from the island.

On a dark hillside.

Essie woke up.

She felt pain on her forehead and knees.

She didn't know what had happened. When she stood on the hillside just now, someone seemed to push her hard behind and then she rolled down the hill, losing consciousness.

She struggled to stand up and limped back to the beach. There was no one on the beach except her bag. Someone had thrown it behind a rock.

Where did everyone go?

Hadn't they agreed to camp on the island?

Her phone was broken in the pocket, and she couldn't turn it on at all. Fortunately, she still had the phone that Zac gave her. Although it was cheap copy, it was in good quality, in good condition.

She hurriedly called Mandy, but her phone was turned off!

They had been friends for ten years, but she hadn't noticed that she was abandoned?

Did she still have any sense of conscience?

She wanted to cry.

The heavy dark cloud had covered the whole sky, and the howling gales caused large waves above the sea.

She felt like that she was going to be swept away by a gust of wind.

It must be typhoon that they had been forced to leave this place urgently.

She began to feel scared and shuddered before dialing the number of Zac. she couldn't think of anyone else but him.

At this time, Zac was lying on the bed and ready to sleep. It was a sleepy and empty night.

Hearing the ringtone, he looked at his phone and saw it was Essie. He smiled unconsciously. It was rare that she called him.

"You little fool, do you miss me?"

"Zac, there's going to be a typhoon. Everyone left, leaving me alone on the island..." The voice on the phone was trembling and almost cried.

What the hell!

He jumped up from the bed, quickly prepared some necessities and rushed out like the wind.

While driving, he made a call to William. "Buy me a yacht, whatever you can do."

To be one of the most capable assistants of Zac, he had the ability to do everything. When Zac arrived at the dock, William and some men in black with full equipment were waiting there.

A fierce gale rolled up the sea surface and roared. Surging waves rushed to the shore like wild horses. With a tearing howl, they broke into pieces.

William looked at the sea and said worriedly, "the storm is coming. Be careful." He knew very well that no one could stop Zac from doing anything he wanted. What he could do was to stay where he was and stand by the sea to rescue at any time.

Zac nodded and jumped into the yacht. Soon it disappeared. His nerves were on edge, and his mind was filled with danger. How co

ant to be a key player in the dark, so she never had a good chance.

She gave him an unsure smile and said, "I will have a try, even though only on TV." Although she was a designer, she had good business sense and knew how to publicize and sell. Showing up on TV is a free advertising opportunity. Why don't you have a try and fight for it?

Zac suddenly lowered his head and pecked her lightly on the lips. With an evil smile on his face, he said, "it's not easy to marry a talented designer as my wife. Isn't it a pity to let go?"

She blushed and pushed him away shyly. "Don't be too greedy. For you have had a bowl of rice, then don't expect more!" He had Leila. He couldn't possibly think of anything about her.

He reached out and held her in his arms, no matter how she struggled, and refused to let go. "It's really wrong. Once I decided to like someone, I couldn't like others."

No way!

He is so attractive that many women want to be his girlfriend.

She pouted and said, "I will keep my words last time. If you take advantage of me again, the divorce agreement will be postponed for two days."

Before she finished her words, she was pushed on the haystack, as huge as a mountain.

"Well, how many days later?"

He smiled evilly, which swallowed her panic.

He liked the punishment.

He wondered if he made love with her here, she would never divorce him forever.

Outside the cave, the wind was raging and the rain poured down.

Inside the cave, they enjoyed the warm and lingering moment, with the mandarin ducks crossing their necks.

Being besieged by waves, Essie's mind was blank and she almost lost her mind. He was the blazing sun that could light her, burn her, and melt her.

The chilly wind blew in, and her blown head started function again. The thought that he had held Leila in his arms and done something else made her heart freeze as if she had met the Arctic cold.

'I thought you were a pure little rabbit, but now you are also a dissolute wolf.'

A sense of inexplicable resentment arose in her heart. She lifted her leg almost subconsciously and did something that scared herself.

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