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   Chapter 87 Wounded

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Early in the morning, Essie got up and packed her backpack.

Zac leaned against the door frame and looked at her, confused. "Where are you going?"

"Mandy and I are going to go to the coastline. Tonight we will camp on the island. I don't come back, so remember to lock the door."

"Have you brought everything with you?" Zac said, raising his eyebrows.

"Well, water jug, tent, needle... All done. " Essie then listed the list of her backpacks to him.

"You must carry the cell phone with you. I have called you, and you must answer it in five seconds." He, like a dictatorial emperor, ordered.

"What if I don't hear the ring?" She rolled her eyes at him.

"Vibration." He flicked her forehead. It was obviously a new motorbike without any experience, so he was a little worried and he had to watch the whole process of the surveillance. "Remember, safety is the most important. If you can't get off, don't stick yourself. Call me to pick you up."

Hearing his question, Essie frowned at him discontentedly and said, "don't look down upon me. I'll stick to it until the end."

She left here valiantly.

The activities in the day were fairly smooth. Although there were blisters on her feet, she gritted her teeth and insisted.

In the evening, they took a boat to the uninhabited island which was over ten kilometers away from the coast.

After Essie set up the tent, she sat on the beach.

This time, she took off his shoes and applied iodine and band aid on them.

"I haven't exercise for a long time and my feet are so delicate."

Mandy took a seat and stared at her ring finger. She looked at the ring directly.

Leila told her about the ring that was given by Zac. Of course, she did not say it was a diamond rin

lthough the uninhabited island had not been developed, it had become a paradise for the players to visit.

There was a bathroom on the hillside.

After the dance, Essie arranged a private room for her.

A shadow followed her quietly.

Far away from the city, the night of the island was as dark as ink. In the shadows of the moonlight, people could hardly see their fingers.

The night wind whizzed back and forth in the woods, like the whining of a ghost.

Once again, Essie lit her cellphone with light, and the leaves and withers under her feet made the cracking sound, completely covering up the footsteps of the stalkers behind.

After coming out of the bathroom, she began to walk back.

With the faint cheers as the wind blew from the beach, she couldn't help but stop and look in the direction of the beach curiously.

Not far behind her, a pair of eyes glittered in darkness, and the moon came from thick branches and leaves, drawing a ferocious shadow on her pale face.

A weird smile appeared on Mandy's bloodthirsty red lips. She raised his slender hands, which looked like those of a ghost, and slowly stretched them towards Essie.

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