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   Chapter 86 Love Purple Heart Only

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Since the opening ceremony of the fashion week, Leila had been unable to sleep or eat well. All kinds of guesses almost drove her crazy.

The relationship between Zac and Essie was very special.

He had always been cold-blooded. When he was in America, a girl showed her love by cutting her wrist. Blood splashed on the spot. He did not even raise his eyelids and went away, because he thought blood was dirty.

But this time, he actually announced on the spot that she was his woman, and carried her away in his arms.

It was unusual, too unusual.

She must figure it out.

Therefore, she asked Essie out.

Essie speculated that they came here for the opening ceremony of the fashion week. Leila must have misunderstood the relationship between Zac and her since Zac carried her in his arms.

Essie didn't know how Zac explained it. But she felt that he was in a good mood these two days, so she guessed that they wouldn't quarrel loudly with each other.

Sitting opposite to her, Essie quietly stirred the coffee in her cup and waited for Leila to say something first in order to know what she was thinking, and then she would deal with it. She tried to avoid misunderstandings and make things worse.

"Miss Essie, I hope you can tell me the truth. Please don't play hide and seek. What on earth is your relationship with Zac?" Leila asked straightforwardly.

"Miss Leila, you two have lived together for almost a week. You two spent all day and night together. But you still suspect him. I'm so sorry for his feelings for you." Essie shook her head and sighed.

Leila was speechless.

She actually thought she was living with Zac?

'Oh my God! I can't even dream of it!' she thought.

It was a nice misunderstanding.

She was willing to make her misunderstand all the time.

"Yes, we have been together all these days. I know he loves me very much, but I'm just worried that you will fall in love with him."

"Miss Leila, I think you know I love someone else. Why would you make such wild guess?" With a faint smile on her face, she looked natural and calm.

Indeed, though Hanson was not as good as Zac, he was definitely outstanding, handsome, tall and noble. Although he was going to get married, she could still be his mistress. Anyhow, with her identity, she only deserved to be his mistress.

Leila felt slightly relieved.

Then she took up her left hand, which had been under the table, and the ring on her finger was heavy. It gave her a strong sense of existence, as if it was a reminder that she was married.

The trick of an ice house was really terrible!

Since he had a girlfriend, he still didn't want to let her go. He put a label on her so that she would be left alone.

Leila's eyes fell on her ring.

She was struck by the thunder and trembled violently, not caring about her image. She just reached out to grasp her hand and pulled it over. "This is..."


ked up the phone and looked at it. It was a silver black phone without a logo on it. There was one character carved with carvings on it, which meant that Zac's credit card, phone, computer and tablet were all in this style. It seemed like an exclusive customized product.

'what a conceited and narcissistic man!' Essie thought.

"I'm going to bed." She put her phone into the pocket and went upstairs with her mouth twitched.

At the same time, there was a weird smile at the corners of his mouth.

It was not an ordinary cellphone. It had the most advanced GPS Tracker in the world. As long as they were covered by satellite, he could find her. Even if her phone was powered off, the data could still be transmitted.

He wouldn't allow the whole bar thing to happen again.

Essie then lay on the bed. When he was about to go to bed, Mandy's wechat moments came.

"Let's go to the coastline tomorrow. I've called the troupe, and I've also called for you."

"Haven't you been on the new show these days? You must be very busy. How come you have time to go out?" Said Essie. She was one of the guests for the new TV show which was called running show. She and Eva were going to visit the Mandy on spot. Among the three of them, Mandy had become the most popular one. Her career had gone smoothly. Now she had been an official host from an intern anchorwoman. Besides, she had been in charge of the most popular show in Yang City, the fake singer.

"I haven't exercised for a long time. I'm free tomorrow, so I can take this opportunity to lose weight." Mandy said in a calm tone. The dim light covered her strange look.

"All right." Essie nodded and hung up after chatting with her for a while.

On the other side, Mandy's face showed a furious look.

Leila came to her yesterday and shared a lot with her.

Essie, this green tea bitch, even was her best friend, but dared to attack her in secret. She must be punished tomorrow.

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