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   Chapter 85 Ring Brand

Mystery of Love By Orange Characters: 5029

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There was a three-layer giant cake on the table. The bright candle light swayed in the wind, like the stars shining in the night sky.

"Happy birthday, clumsy melon." A gentle voice came from behind.

Today was her birthday? She was shocked and looked at the calendar hanging on the wall. It was January 12th.

Oh my God! It's really her birthday. She even forgot it herself, and she didn't expect that he remembered it!

"Ice guy, how do you know today is my birthday?" She turned around and looked at him. His cold face was covered with a layer of flame like color in the candle light, which looked very warm. The smile on his face was so charming, like sunshine, as blew by wind, rippling her heart.

"It is written on our marriage certificate." He said it word for word, and then held her by the shoulder. He took her to the table, "make your wishes!"

She nodded, put her hands together and closed her eyes.

What's her wish?

In the past five years, she had made the same wish on every birthday of her: I hope Hanson will like me and I hope we can be together forever.

Now, she was awake.

She was going to have a new start at the age of 22.

She hoped that Zac wouldn't disappear from her world, and that after they were apart, she wouldn't be taken as a passer-by. She hoped that there could be a small place in his heart that belonged to her, and that...

She stopped.

Why all her wishes were related to him?

Damn it! What was she thinking about?

'I must have been t

It almost drew the attention of Essie.

'These should be crystals.' She thought to herself.

"Let me help you wear it." He held her hand and put the ring on her slim ring finger. The ring was of medium size and fitted her perfectly. It seemed that it was customized according to her size.

no She was not truly married?

"Um... you put it on the wrong finger. The ring should be on the middle finger." She reminded him in a very low voice.

"Why?" He raised his eyebrows.

"I wear the ring finger only when I get married." She pouted.

"Haven't you gotten married yet?" He asked and sat on the sofa, holding the back of his head with his hands, smiling mischievously.

Essie petrified again.

Was the ring a conspiracy?

She glared at him and tried to take off the ring. Unfortunately, it was pitched.


She wanted to cry.

Zac smiled coldly. "It's not easy to remove my ring. As long as the certificate is still there, you have to wear it obediently. Do you understand?"

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