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   Chapter 83 Showdown

Mystery of Love By Orange Characters: 4333

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Hearing that, Essie was shocked. Before she turned her head around, she was held into the arms of Zac. He cast a cold glance at the three people in front of him, as sharp as a sword, as if he could easily break anything into pieces. His powerful aura was like a volcano eruption, frightening everyone within a mile from him. By instinct, she buried her head into his arms, like an ostrich in danger who met a savior. She didn't want to think of anything, and she didn't want to do anything. She just wanted to hide herself quietly.

Seeing him, Sunny hid herself behind Hanson, shivering like a rat.

After a round of violent convulsion, he couldn't stand it anymore. How he wished he could just run over and get her back. How he hated himself for losing her.

Florey was too stunned to say a word for a moment. It was not until quite a while later that he stammered, "who is she to you?"

"I have made it clear to you just now. She is my girl. It seems that you are not only dazzled, but also have a hearing problem." With a bloodthirsty sneer on the corner of his mouth, Zac turned his head to stroke the pale face of Essie and said, "don't be afraid. If anyone dares to insult you again, I will cut off her tongue and feed the dog."

Stammered Sunny. She was sure that Zac would do it. F


A day together as couple means endless devotion. Do you understand?

She pouted her little mouth, full of resentment that she had nowhere to vent. As soon as she found the host, she threw herself at him.

"Frozen guy, I've changed my mind about last time."

"What is it?" He asked casually.

"Divorce." She said angrily, looking forward to seeing his next expressions of depression, vomiting blood, regret and madness. He could use her as a punching bag, a trash bin, so could she!

Zac's face darkened in an instant. It was a taboo for him recently. He floored the accelerator as hard as he could to vent his anger. The car rushed forward like a strong wind of level 12. He was looking for an opportunity to tell her the truth. Now that she mentioned it again, he didn't have to care about her feelings at the moment and made it clear one time.

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