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   Chapter 81 Love Triangle

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"Of course, there is a saying that a decade made an encounter, a century made a ..." She stopped stammering, for she wanted to say the words "couple", but she saw Leila's face grew dark, so she twisted the tip of her tongue without knowing it and it turned into "co-tenancy". The following words - "fate, friendship" and some other words were choked in her throat.

He almost said something wrong and caused a fierce fight!

A smile came to the lips of Zac unconsciously. When he thought of that he was the only man who slept on the same bed with her, his depression became much better.

When he realized his abnormality, he quickly restrained the corners of his mouth and was somewhat annoyed. This was the ability of perplexity to easily arouse his feelings, but he simply couldn't control it.

"Are you asking for attention?" He deliberately sneered at her to cover up the mood swing, not to be noticed by her.

'Humph! Who cares!

There were hundreds of thousands of followers in my Weibo account.

It doesn't matter whether you exist or not.'

Essie frowned and said, "it's a good thing to be confident. But a narcissist needs to take medicine." She said bluntly.

Standing next to them, Leila took a deep breath.

She had to admit that Essie was fearless of death. She was probably the only woman in th

alled me and asked me to come back." Sunny smiled brilliantly. Florey told her that the date of their marriage was set and would be announced in front of reporters today.

When Essie saw Sunny, she hid herself in the nearest corner and didn't even know what she was hiding. She wasn't the other woman!

Leila saw this from a distance and sneered, "it seems that Miss Essie is quite passive in this love triangle!"

Zac didn't say anything. His eyes were gloomy and cold like bottomless ancient well.

Florey then entered the hall. She sat on a wheelchair, accompanied by nurses.

In fact, she was strong. But to cut off her son's bleeding leg, she had to pretend to be ill. Her son's filial piety had always been the right thing she could use. She saw the name of Essie in the list of guests for opening ceremony and came up with a plan to make this little fairy give up.

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