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   Chapter 80 Original Wife Was Ignored

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On the opening ceremony of the eastern fashion week, Essie wore the dress that Hanson had given her as a gift, and with a pure make-up, she looked like an angel flying down from the clouds.

Instead of picking her up in person, Hanson had sent his assistant, Chris.

As the ruler of the global fashion empire, Bella has played the most important role in this fashion week. As the vice president and chief designer of Bella, Hanson has a lot of things to deal with.

At the Yang City Exhibition Center.

The stars were twinkling.

Famous models and entertainment circle stars all attended the event.

Eva, Essie's best friend, was also there. She had just started a guest show recently, so Eva's agent came and asked her to join the show. Because Eva refused to be a part of the hidden rules, her career in the entertainment industry was not very smooth. She was still a walk-on. .

Upon seeing Essie, she immediately walked up to her and encircled her with her eyes. "Wow! Essie! You really beat the whole audience in an instant!"

"That's the dress, not me." Then she smiled, like a flying butterfly, and twirled lightly.

"Is this the new series? Why haven't I seen it before?" Eva pouted. She was an exclusive model of Essie. If she wanted to try on her new suit, she would be the first one.

"This was designed by Hanson, not me." She said with a bright smile and blushed.

Something new had happened!

"Are you dating with Hanson?"

Essie nodded again.

With a smirk on her face, she said, "I thought you would make friends with that extremely handsome ice house."

"He has a girlfriend. They are on fire now." Essie curled her lips again. It had been a week since she last saw him. He was nowhere to be found. Not only was he not found, he didn't even text her or call her. Had he returned

thing that may make other people misunderstand Hanson. After all, their relationship can't be revealed yet.

There was a deep dark light flashed in Zac' eyes.

She wasn't used to his indifference, and after sipping the champagne, she pouted and said, "frozen guy, you forgot your key to our house. When you have time, you can go back and get it. At that time, I move away, and you won't be able to get in."

The corners of his mouth twitched slightly. He said lightly, "I said you didn't need to leave." His tone was as cold as the night wind.

"You won't come back again. I don't feel comfortable living in such a big house and it is empty. I like to live in a low room and I can see every corner of the house at a glance." As she spoke, a feeling of resentment came over her heart, and her tongue was out of control. "To be honest, you and Mandy are perfectly matched. You both value your relationship over your friends, and look down upon me."

When he saw the anger and discontent on her face, there was a touch of irresistible warmth in his deep eyes. In her heart, he seemed to be a little important. He was not dispensable!

"Is there any difference if I'm here or not?" He kept his cold voice.

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