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   Chapter 79 Won't You Come Back

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Updated: 2020-01-30 00:32

On the first day, she decided that as long as he came back, she would cook his favorite dish, carrot stewed with yellow beef.

The next day, she told herself that she wouldn't be angry if he laughed at or teased her.

The third day, she sighed deeply in depression. When he was unhappy in the future, she was willing to be his punching bag and trash bin to let him vent his grievance.

However, three days had passed, but Zac still hadn't shown up.

The days without him were boring.

She ate, watched TV and went shopping alone. She seemed to be the only one left in the world.

Time passed slowly like a snail.

The day was like a century.

Leaning against the sofa, she was in a trance. She couldn't even count the order.

Where did he go?

Did his hands recover? Was he still angry?

Why didn't he come back?

The house belonged to him, and she was the person who was supposed to leave.

She suddenly felt that she had come to occupy Zac's house.

But he didn't bring the key. If she was leaving, he couldn't come in.

She sighed deeply and took out her phone to call him, but when she thought that he might be all right but flirted with Leila in her place, reluctant to come back, she took her fingers back.

The fourth day.

Hanson was discharged from the hospital.

It seemed that he was obsessed with her. He didn't go to the company immediately. Instead, he stayed with her all day long, filling up her lonely time.

In the next few days, they enjoyed the sunrise and sunset, cloud curled up, discussing the latest fashion trend and having a romantic candlelight dinner.

Essie's melancholy heart was raised. As for Zac, she could no longer think about it for the time being.

He belonged to another woman, and Hanson belonged to her.

Today, he would take her to see the sunset.

He then walked into the yacht and took out a gift box.

"This is for you. Open it and see if you like it."

She was slightly stunned. She opened it and saw a very beautiful dress inside.

"Hanson, did you design it by yourself?" She widened her eyes, a small f

d sweet.

She really had no place for him in her heart at all.

He should calm himself down.

In the past two months, he had only one purpose: to make her willing to go back to stop his wedding.

However, the situation seemed to be out of his control. He couldn't tell if he was acting or being serious. His emotion was always uncontrollable to be affected by her, influenced by her, with her mood swing.

He hated this kind of passive feeling, but he couldn't help it.

He had to face up to this issue all the time, and couldn't deal with it in a negative way all the time. Now that this muddled woman was willing to do it, he didn't care about using violence.

She could set herself free if she wanted to stop the wedding for him and get rid of Valery.

Downstairs the apartment, Hanson let go of the girl in his arms reluctantly, "I will pick you up at the opening ceremony of fashion week the day after tomorrow."

Smiling, she nodded and walked in.

As soon as he got on the car and was about to start the engine, he received a call from the hospital.

Florey had a heart attack and needed operation.

He was so anxious that he rushed to the hospital.

Florey laid on the bed, waiting for his son. He had been staying with Essie recently. She was very clear about it. She could not let him go on like this. He must be given a strong drug to cut off the relationship.

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