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   Chapter 78 her Husband Ran Away From Home

Mystery of Love By Orange Characters: 4211

Updated: 2020-01-30 00:22

She was so frightened that she even forgot to run away. She just curled up and tried to hide herself deep in the sofa.

Like a lion preying, he beat the buttons scattered on the ground with his big hand.

She raised her hand to cover her chest in fear. Her whole body was trembling, and the whole sofa was trembling. His hand was still bleeding, and the smell of alcohol and blood mixed together.

She wanted to shout, but her voice was stuck in her throat in horror, unable to make a sound. She could only shake her head desperately, begging and shaking timidly.

He seemed to have been under control by alcohol, and only drunk and pain could be seen in his eyes. He held her chin tightly to prevent her from moving, and roughly covered his lips.

He was plundering without any mercy. She felt hurt and confused.

What happened to him?

Why was he so angry?

'Was he mad at her for getting a divorce or for making Leila give vent to her anger on an innocent woman?'?

She thought it was the latter.

How could he be angry with her? He wanted a divorce so badly?

Unfortunately, she came up with a bad timing, so she ended up being his punching bag.

At the thought of this, her fear turned into deep sadness.

She closed her eyes and kn

and hurt? Did he stop bleeding? Did he apply medicine to it?

All kinds of worries and anxieties overwhelmed her.

She wanted to call him, but stopped when she remembered what he had done in the evening.

The night slowly passed with her mixed thoughts.

Early the next morning, Essie went to the supermarket and bought the black fish. She heard that this soup was good for the healing of the wound. It could be cooked for Zac when he was back.

She had decided that she would forgive him even if he made a mistake.

Since they were going to be apart, she could leave each other a beautiful memory.

However, after a whole day passed, the fish was frozen in the refrigerator, but Zac was not there.

The house was so quiet that even the sound of talking could be heard.

The man seemed to have disappeared from the world

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