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   Chapter 76 Understand Her Heart

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She was startled and rushed out.

His leg was still in plaster. How could he be so clumsy? What if he was hurt again?

When she got in the car and saw him, a thin layer of mist rose from her eyes.

He looked gaunt and melancholy, with dark shadows under his eyes. It seemed that he had not been very well these days, just like her.

"Go back to the hospital as soon as possible. The doctor said that you can't move freely before removing the cast." She asked with concern.

"If I didn't come, how could I see you?" The corners of his mouth were filled with a desolate and bitter smile.

"Senior, we are still..." She then called him with an alienated tone. He seemed to know what she was going to say next, so he anxiously and quickly interrupted her. "Essie, don't let anyone else stand in our way, okay?" Hanson held Essie's hand tightly for fear that she would disappear if he loosed it.

"But that's your mother!" She lowered her head and whispered.

"In fact, my mother is very easy to get along with. She is just too eager to hosted Bella. As long as she knows that we truly love each other, she will understand." He comforted her.

Will she?

Since the first time she saw Essie, Florey's eyes had been filled with disgust, as if she was a robber who would take her son away from her.

Could she really accept her? Could she understand them?

She had no confidence.

Seeing that she lowered her head and didn't say a word, he reached out his hand and held her in his arms. "Essie, even if everyone objects, even if I can't get Bella, I will become a man of nothingness one day. I will stay with you. No one can separate you from me." His tone was so solemn, so firm, so sincere. She was touched, and her heart was melted by something soft.

"Hanson." She embraced

true that everyone doesn't cherish others until they lose them?

A deep feeling of guilt swept gently across his face. He did not deny the result. At that time, his original plan was to get Bella first and then divorce with Sunny. After that, he would pursue the happiness he wanted and find her. On the day of the engagement ceremony, when he saw the man by her side and thought that he was about to lose her, he suddenly realized that she was the most important person in his heart. His property, Bella and power were nothing compared to her.

"It is inevitable for people to be cheated by some things in their emotions. But now I know that you are more important than anyone else in my heart and anything else is more important. I just want to cherish you." His words were full of sincerity and affection.

She breathed a sigh of relief. The past things were not important as long as she could see her true heart, as long as they could be together.

Now apart from being happy with him, she still needed to do one more thing.

Freedom back!

The ice house must have the same thought. He didn't say it because he was worried that she might not agree.

Then let her speak first!

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