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   Chapter 75 Essie's Thought

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She nodded.

His eyebrows twisted even deeper. "Can he compete with me?"

"He's the dance king of our school, the champion of the University's street dance competition." She sniffed at him. This guy was not only self-confident, but narcissistic. A trace of disdain flitted across his face. He was the highest dancer of Harvard, the US champion. "I can only be your partner now." He announced his ownership over Essie in a assertive and domineering tone.

"Why? I'm not your only partner." Her bright eyes turned gloomy. His real companion was Leila. They must often dance, watch movies or do all kinds of things a couple had done together. Leila was the only person in his heart, and she was nothing. She was just a passerby in a hurry, who came and went quietly without taking a trace of memory.

"I will think about it if you ask." His voice came through the wind and the fragrance of flowers.

She was stunned and sat down on the chair. She took a gardenia and smelled it.

It must be a joke, right?

He had never taken his words seriously.

She knew he liked to tease her.

"I don't ca

Wasn't that the way people got along with each other?

While she hadn't visited Hanson for several days. He called her several times, but she lied to him for a few words and hung up. He delayed the wedding with injury, which gave her a glimmer of hope. But the thought that there was not only the obstacle between him and her, but also his mother and family, his hope was put out in silence.

In the afternoon, two customers who were introduced by Eva came. After looking at her design album, they were very satisfied and immediately chose several.

When it was time to start working, Hanson called again.

But this time, it was not just a simple chat. He actually sneaked out of the hospital and waited outside the Legendary.

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