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   Chapter 74 Who Gets The First Place

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Updated: 2020-01-29 00:32

Ha ha, maybe she was controlled by aliens.

Didn't NASA just take a picture of a beauty from the Mars?

It meant that the sparks were humans. Yesterday when she was making a wish, they happened to pass through the space wheel and helped her to realize the wish by the way.

Haha, she must have saved the whole universe during her previous life, so she could even come to help her.

Thinking of this, she decided to let it go. She didn't care too much about the process and the reason, as long as the result was what she wanted. Seeing Sunny dancing was such a pleasure for her.

Her bright smile lit up his dark eyes.

He liked to see her smile. Her beautiful eyes were slightly squinted, and the corners of her eyes were raised. She was like the rising crescent at the beginning of the sky, and the two charming dimples on the peach cheeks were blinking with joy, which was extremely lovely.

Therefore, he was willing to do anything to please her at any cost.

As the music stopped, Sunny jumped down the stairs quickly, like a panic stricken rabbit running in the darkest place in case of being recognized. Seeing that, Essie tried to catch up with her in a hurry.

"Sunny!" She shouted from behind.

The figure in front of her seemed to have been pushed the remote control and

ed. They are perfect partners. They can understand each other's next move without verbal communication or hint of eyes. It seems that they are born to fit each other's soul.

After finishing one piece, she didn't want to stop. So she jumped on several other pieces of music, which were divided into different types, from Wyatt to hip hop.

"Freezing house, I didn't know you can dance so well." There was a hint of surprise in her sweet smile.

"You are not bad either." He curved up his perfect mouth and put on a light smile. The color of the stars and the moon disappeared.

"You're the second partner that I'm most satisfied with," She lightly turned, like a butterfly flying in the flowering shrubs.

His beautiful dashing eyebrows frowned slightly, but he didn't get the first place. He was a little annoyed and asked, "who is the first? Hanson?"

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