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   Chapter 73 Dance On The Square

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Updated: 2020-01-29 00:22

At Yang City International Airport.

Sunny stood at the gate, with her suitcase in her hand.

There was a complacent smile on Sunny's face. Essie had never expected that Sunny would play this trick to escape.

She wanted her to dance on the square? No way!

She was such a weak and disgusting cockroach. She would never get what she wanted.

She smoothed her well tailored Chanel dress. When she was about to register, someone put his big hand on her shoulder.

She turned around and saw a handsome man in black standing behind her. The man was expressionless, with a bloodthirsty smile on his lips.

She was so frightened that she could not speak a syllable

The whole day, Essie felt a little bored.

She didn't go to the hospital to visit Hanson. Instead, she spent the whole day bending over the desk, with her design drawings that she had thrown away at her feet. As for the fairy in the bottle, she had already forgotten all. There was no fairy tale or miracle in this world, only the cruel reality of the law of the jungle could be heard.

When she heard the door opened, she looked up at the clock. It was six o'clock.

'It seems that someone didn't make his girlfriend happy today, and they're not reconciled yet.'

The little devil in her heart secretly came out and laughed.

She didn't like Leila. She could understand her hostility to other women and her strong possessiveness to ice house. But she was also hypocritical and arrogant by nature. She a

e had to give up and continue to dance.

Essie cast a quick glance at her and guessed that she was under a ghost's control?

At the moment when she was extremely puzzled, Zac said in a low voice. "Is the elf in the bottle very powerful?"

She was stunned and remembered the wish she made yesterday.

She turned around and glanced at Zac without saying anything. His dark eyes glistened with profound light, and a mysterious smile was played at the corners of his mouth.

Did he have anything to do with it?

But she thought it was not likely.

With the power of the Sunny's family in Yang City, unless the someone is extremely powerful, how can it get Sunny?

Zac was just an ordinary person as ordinary as Essie. Like her, he has neither money nor background to make Sunny obedient. He didn't have the ability.

But as far as pistil is concerned, Sunny must be self-conscious to fulfill her bet, unless the sun rises in the West.

What made her change her personality?

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