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   Chapter 72 The Spirits In The Bottle

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Updated: 2020-01-29 00:12

"I want to eat with you." He lifted the corners of his mouth elegantly and smiled like a ray of dark moonlight breaking the darkness. Her obscure and cold heart felt a touch of innocence and warmth.

"I want spicy lobster." Her eyes twinkled with excitement.

"Okay!" He nodded without hesitation.

"You can't even eat spicy food. Why did you reply so decisively?" She pouted and glanced at him.

"I want to eat with you." He smiled and touched her white nose. There was only infinite love in his eyes.

In the lobster shop.

In order to take care of the man who didn't eat spicy food, in addition to crayfish, Essie also ordered light food.

As soon as the dishes were on the table, she picked up a lobster and began to enjoy it, with her mouth full of oil, regardless of her lady image. However, in the eyes of Zac, she looked so adorable.

After eating, she smacked her lips and looked at the man sitting opposite her. "Icehouse, you have been taken back to earth from the moon," she said with a smile.

"What do you mean?" Said Zac, raising a deep eyebrow.

"You see, when we first met, you didn't eat roadside stalls, didn't eat any food in the market, and didn't go to any places with many people, and didn't strike off any price. You were so otherworldly beauty. Now, you can come to my restaurant to eat lobsters, go to the

a child." She pouted.

"Haven't you always said that you should dare to have a try? If you don't try, how can you know whether it will work or not?" He folded his hands over his chest and looked at her with a smile. His eyes gleamed in the light. She found that there was an incredible magic on the surface of his eyes. The magical power turned from a cold Arctic star to a burning obsidian in an instant. If one stared at for too long, he would be bewitched and lose his soul.

Maybe she was hypnotized by his eyes, she almost subconsciously took up the bottle of water and opened it.

"Make a wish. The elf is here." His voice was low, attractive and magnetic.

She crossed her hands and said, "I want Sunny to stay here instead of going to France. I want her to dance in the square."

"Okay, your wish will be fulfilled with the elf tomorrow." He drew a mysterious smile on his lips.

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