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   Chapter 69 Sneak Away

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She didn't want to talk to her, but with Mandy standing next to her, she had to explain, "actually, I don't have a boyfriend. I just find a friend to pretend to be my boyfriend to attend the engagement ceremony." She said indifferently, looking at Leila, "are you satisfied, Miss Leila?"

Leila pouted, speechless for a moment. She wanted to scold her, but she was given the cold shoulder.

Mandy sighed and put her arm around her bestie's shoulder sympathetically. She understood her feelings and practices.

"Your friend seems to be particularly curious about me," said Essie, taking a sip of wine and looking at Zac.

"Curiosity Kills the cat." His tone was as light as a goose feather. He was just joking. But what he meant was much more serious than lead, which made Leila feel cold in her heart.

With a hint of foxiness flashing on her face, she said, "Miss Leila, I have a picture of my fake boyfriend on my phone. Would you like to drop by and have a look? Then you can set your mind at ease." She said as she glanced at the man opposite her. She wondered if her words were like a meteorite that would break his ice

not to tell anyone that Essie came here to visit him, but he didn't expect that someone would dare to disobey his order.

He unwittingly turned his eyes to the nurse. A glance from him made her shiver with guilt and she subconsciously retreated to the window.

He suddenly understood, a sinister killing intention rose in his face. "Get out! Don't let me see you again!" He growled, and the nurse ran out of the ward in a hurry.

"Essie!" He raised his hand and caressed the face of Essie. The gloom in his eyes faded away, leaving only his drunken tenderness. "Don't worry. She'll go to France tomorrow, and probably she'll have to stay there for a month."


Said Essie.

'This fox is playing tricks again. Does she want to escape?'?

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