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   Chapter 68 Do You Want To Push Me Into A Corner

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Updated: 2020-01-28 00:22

Mandy was about to explode.

Zac picked up the plate in front of Leila and helped her slice the steak.

She looked at Mandy with a proud smile on her face. Mandy's eyes were full of killing intent. She really hoped that her eyes could become sharp enough to cut her love enemies into pieces.

While on the other side, Essie was totally different. She was so calm that she immersed herself in filling her stomach like a well without any ripples.

After eating foie gras, she sighed with satisfaction. Then she started to taste the steak. "It's so delicious. I don't even remember when I had the last French dinner." She didn't raise her head. She didn't know whether she was talking to herself or to the plate.

Mandy took a sip of the meat soup and tried to dispel the air pressure in her stomach. Then she turned her attention to Essie and said, "I don't know when you had the last French dinner. I know you first went to a French restaurant after your graduation, and Hanson took you there, right?"

Hearing that, Essie's hands, which were holding knives and forks, quivered slightly. After a short while of silence, she nodded.

The meal

d of ruthlessness, terrifying. That was absolutely impossible. He would only help her forget about Hanson for her without leaving any trace.

Leila shook the glass of wine thoughtfully. It seemed that Zac indeed knew it. What about her another boyfriend?

"Essie, I heard from Sunny in the morning that you had a boyfriend. Since you like Hanson so much, your current boyfriend must be very miserable, isn't he?" She said in a casual tone, pretending that she was just asking out of curiosity. At the moment when her voice fell, a slight blush quietly flickered across Zac's face.

Mandy was shocked, "Essie, you have a boyfriend? Why don't I know?"

Essie said angrily, with anger in her eyes. She really couldn't avoid someone who was about to snap at her.

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