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   Chapter 67 Jealous

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When Essie saw Leila, she was a little surprised. She nodded politely to her and was about to leave. However, Leila reached out her hand to stop her. She said, "I heard what you said just now."

"Miss Leila, don't you think it's beneath your dignity to eavesdrop others' conversation?"

"I just want to know if your boyfriend she referred to is Zac?" Leila did not want to beat around the bush, so she asked directly.

Leila's words were like a plucked string and made Essie's thoughts quiver. As expected, the persons in love were so sensitive that they could easily guess the relationship between them even if they didn't name the names. If she said yes, freezing guy would definitely be angry and blame her for misunderstanding and sabotaging their relationship? They had separated from each other for so long a time and it was not easy for them to reunite. He definitely wanted to maintain their relationship. She, as the unnecessary burden, shouldn't make trouble from the middle.

Jealousy rose from the bottom of her heart. She swallowed and silently calmed herself down, "Miss Leila, you have too many speculations. If my boyfriend were Zac, would you still be able to sit happily next to him?"

After hearing this, Leila curled her lips and thought, 'love is selfish. No one can tolerate his or her lover being with another person.'.

"That's good. I don't want anyone to meddl

t's go to Landmark Bistro." Zac made up his mind. After watching TV last night, Essie kept saying that she wanted to have French cuisine. Today's dinner was just enough for her.

Of course, Essie didn't know what he was thinking. She thought he was doing this to please his girlfriend and didn't even care about his wallet.

The chef of Landmark Bistro was Michelin starred chef.

Cutting a piece of goose liver and putting it into her mouth, Essie no longer felt angry. She said, "yummy!"

Leila took up the knife and was about to cut the beef steak.

"Does your wrist still hurt?" Asked Zac.

"Yes." She put on a pitiful look and said, "Zac, can you cut steak for me?"

Seeing this, Mandy hastily interrupted, "let me help you."

"Thank you for your kindness, Miss Mandy. We are not familiar with each other yet. How dare I bother you?" Leila smiled politely, her words euphemistic. But her refusal was direct.

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