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   Chapter 66 Wife Or Mistress

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"This is civet coffee. It's the best coffee." Leila's eyes were full of mockery. When she ordered just now, she saw Essie secretly stuck out her tongue. The coffee cost more than a thousand per cup, of course she couldn't afford it.

Essie turned to her best friend and put her forefinger under her chin, asking in an adorable tone, "Mandy, is this kind of coffee made of beans pulled out from the cat's butt?"

"Yes." Mandy nodded.

"Isn't that cat feces?" She pouted.

"Idiot!" Leila snorted. How could she explain it to a soldier when she just met one? Such a vulgar person would not understand.

Essie didn't want to argue with her any more. In her opinion, the most important thing now was to deal with Zac. Therefore, she turned to Zac and said, "would you like to have a try?" She narrowed her almond eyes, with a hint of threat hidden in them.

A charming smile was plastered on Zac's face as he said in a low voice, "dare I refuse?"

Raising her eyebrows, she lightly pushed the glass forward to touch his lips, and replied in silence, "you must drink it!"

She was protected by the law, and there was no other choice for him but listen to his wife.

The smile on his face widened. Taking the glass and taking a sip, he said, "not bad."

"Really?" Then, she cracked a smile, with two dimples on her cheeks.

Leila couldn't believe her eyes. Her eyes were almost popping out.

Wasn't he germ phobic

The expression on her face was as cold as the cold wind that came from the dark night. Hearing that, Essie could not help but say, "if he really loves you, nobody can take him away from you."

Sunny said with a low snort, "yes, you're under someone's protection now, but if he knows that you're still caring about Hanson and want to cheat on him, he'll be very angry. By that time, you'll die without my action."

"The only thing I need to worry about now is if you will go abroad to act shamelessly." Essie sneered. Her voice as cold as ice. This was not the first time for Sunny to play such trick.

Being seen through by her, Sunny's face turned blue. "In short, you are not allowed to harass Hanson, or you will not have a good time in Yang City." Then he fled in disgrace.

A hint of mockery flitted across Essie's eyes. When he turned around and was about to return to the meeting room, a dark figure flashed from a corner of the room.

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