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   Chapter 65 Busted

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"Because our parents had conflicts and opposed us to date, or we would have been married," Deep down, she believed that the reason why their relationship didn't go further with each other was because of the conflict between the families.

Mandy sneered, "if you two really love each other, any obstacle can be overcome. I'm afraid that your grace has not a crush on you."

"Who else do you think is as free as you?" Leila stopped before she finished her words. She almost made a mistake. Zac had told her not to expose his identity. If they knew that he was from a famous and rich family, they would probably fight with all their lives to take him from her.

Essie looked at her with a meaningful look in her eyes. She concluded that Leila's family members disliked Zac because Zac was from a poor family and didn't have a good relationship with her. But freezing guy was no longer a poor hobo. He could get recognition because he bought a house and had a rich aunt behind it?

While she was thinking, Zac came over.

"Take a seat here, Zac!" Leila and Mandy almost spoke with one voice at the same time.

Zac cast a sidelong glance at her an

her. However, in Essie's eyes, that smile was particularly hypocritical. Rich and powerful as they were, Leila always showed her nobleness and superiority. She looked at them with disdain, as if they were just humble bugs. However, she had forgotten that Zac was just as ordinary as them.

"Miss Leila, I'm not being rude." She kept her voice calm.

"You had this cup of coffee before. There is your saliva in it and your lip print was on it. How can you give it to others?" Leila said in a neither high nor low voice, and she made no secret of the blame.

Essie sneered again. Since they had icy haw berries, it was nothing special to drink coffee.

"Miss Leila, there's still a cat poo in your cup. Why don't you feel it's dirty? Have you drunk too much?"

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